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a. The act or fact of possessing.
b. The state of being possessed: the land's possession by the town.
a. Something owned or possessed: removed his possessions from the desk.
b. A territory subject to foreign control.
3. Law
a. Power or control over something: possession of a firearm.
b. Occupation or control of a piece of property, with or without ownership.
c. A right of occupation and use: The tenant has possession of the apartment until the end of the lease.
d. The crime of possessing an illegal drug.
a. The state of being dominated or controlled by a demon or spirit.
b. The state of being occupied or obsessed with something, such as an idea.
5. Sports
a. Physical control of the ball or puck by a player or team.
b. An instance of this: Ideally, we would score on each possession.

pos·ses′sion·al adj.


(pəˈzɛʃənəl) or


of, relating to, or characterized by possession
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Juma's new coach Benni McCarthy noted they have had to rely on possessional dominance to win games and that midfielders scored most of their goals.
Personal possessions cover is usually more expensive, and so, if you have declared a laptop that you keep at home in your personal possessional coverage, then you are probably paying more than you should be.
44) The forced transfers have something else in common: unlike in the settled agricultural districts of central Russia, where serfs enjoyed a degree of protection and a measure of quiet independence cultivating their holdings, working in cottage industries, or serving in towns and paying quitrent to their owners, possessional serfs in Ural mining districts were exploited like slaves, worked hard and brutally; they were a significant element in Pugachev's uprising, which the serfs in central Russia declined to join.