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a. The act or fact of possessing.
b. The state of being possessed: the land's possession by the town.
a. Something owned or possessed: removed his possessions from the desk.
b. A territory subject to foreign control.
3. Law
a. Power or control over something: possession of a firearm.
b. Occupation or control of a piece of property, with or without ownership.
c. A right of occupation and use: The tenant has possession of the apartment until the end of the lease.
d. The crime of possessing an illegal drug.
a. The state of being dominated or controlled by a demon or spirit.
b. The state of being occupied or obsessed with something, such as an idea.
5. Sports
a. Physical control of the ball or puck by a player or team.
b. An instance of this: Ideally, we would score on each possession.

pos·ses′sion·al adj.


(pəˈzɛʃənəl) or


of, relating to, or characterized by possession
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They enjoyed the possessional and territorial advantage throughout, with the fact Saints were 6-1 behind in the penalty count and placed on a team warning for their indiscipline midway through the half underlining the pressure they were under.
Till that first goal from Toure, the match had very little significance with both teams content with possessional play.
My style is a mixture of where I come from in Holland, based on good possessional play but with an attacking intent.