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1. Of, relating to, or having possession.
2. Law Depending on or arising from possession: possessory interest.
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1. of, relating to, or having possession
2. (Law) law arising out of, depending upon, or concerned with possession: a possessory title.
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(pəˈzɛs ə ri)

1. of or pertaining to a possessor or to possession.
2. arising from possession: a possessory interest.
3. having possession.
[1375–1425; late Middle English < Late Latin possessōrius= Latin possed-, s. of possidēre to possess (see possession) + -tōrius -tory1]
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Isabel Furia de Danao filed a complaint against Barangay Kagawad Wayan of Barangay Datu Salumay, Punong Barangay Delfin Galecia, and Barangay Secretary Deding Apolona of Barangay Buda, Marilog District for possessory dispute of complainant's land.
This law textbook introduces personal property rights and real property law, explaining the principles of land possession, classifying possessory estates, landlord and tenant law, easements, zoning, the land sale contract, conveyance by deed, and assurance of title.
When we can get someone who is charged with a possessory or other minor offense to go into treatment, we are quite frankly saving lives.
A law firm could not take an attorney's possessory lien over client funds it held in escrow while competing claims to the funds awaited resolution, a U.S.
In The Psychology of Human Misjudgment, Charlie Munger talks about the endowment effect's possessory wallop and how you will find a man who has already bought a pork-belly future on a commodity exchange now foolishly believ[ing], even more strongly than before, in the merits of his speculative bet.
The determination of whether an extended seizure violates the Fourth Amendment requires a balancing of an individual's possessory interest against the government's interest in the seizure.
A seizure that is "lawful at its inception can nevertheless violate the Fourth Amendment because its manner of execution unreasonably infringes possessory interests." United States v.
The three-acre parcel of land has been registered with possessory title to Sir Philip, and it is unclear, according to the council, who actually owns the land.
He also said he relinquished a paper copy of his expired driver's license to the clerk, which he said in briefs constituted "an agreement wherein [he] enjoyed at least a possessory interest in the gasoline at all relevant times."
The applicable laws allow for creation of broad range of security interests over a wide range of assets; the legal framework recognizes both possessory and non-possessory pledges and attachments over movable assets and rights in addition to the ability to place a lien over real-estate and properties, garnishing the judgment debtor's salary, or attaching the judgment debtor's personal property.
Harleysville argued that to have a right of private occupancy in a room, someone needs to have a possessory interest in the room.
"The decisions out there now are that you can't use the bankruptcy code to deprive rent stabilized and rent controlled tenants of their possessory rights," said Slava Hazin, a partner with Warshaw Burstein, the law firm that represented the tenants.