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1. Of, relating to, or having possession.
2. Law Depending on or arising from possession: possessory interest.


1. of, relating to, or having possession
2. (Law) law arising out of, depending upon, or concerned with possession: a possessory title.


(pəˈzɛs ə ri)

1. of or pertaining to a possessor or to possession.
2. arising from possession: a possessory interest.
3. having possession.
[1375–1425; late Middle English < Late Latin possessōrius= Latin possed-, s. of possidēre to possess (see possession) + -tōrius -tory1]
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In September 2013, the National Park Service reached an agreement with the piers private owner on the possessory interest value of the structures, which included the pier, pier house, and parking lot.
Typical legal indemnity policies | Right to light | Freehold restrictive or positive covenant | Mines & minerals | Land subject to rights of way / reservation rights | Adverse possession | Insolvency act indemnity | Breach of planning / building regulations / listed buildings consent | Search indemnity | Judicial review | Land registered with possessory title/good leasehold title | Lack of access or easement for services | Village green registration | Chancel repair | Absent landlord | Breach of leasehold covenant
On the central issue as to whether Mr Reddy's involvement in the events of 2009, which led to Mr Sartori applying for, and obtaining, a possessory title to the disputed land, I am not able to accept Mr Reddy's evidence.
Examples of these are donations, succession, execution and registration of public instruments, inscription of possessory information titles and the like.
Because Ullom's complaint had not alleged any possessory interest in Grand China that had given him a right to occupy the restaurant but only that Grand China had wrongfully denied him the right to be served with certain accommodations required by West Virginia law -- namely, the presence of his service dog -- Ullom's allegation was "not reasonably susceptible to an interpretation" that was covered by the policy's provision for "wrongful eviction," the district court concluded.
This is to accept that the defendant has acquired an interest in the property (beyond possessory title) but to assert that the defendant holds that interest on trust for the claimant.
At common law an easement is defined as a nonpossessory incorporeal interest in another's possessory estate in land, entitling the holder of the easement to make some use of the other's property.
An owner' sounds fairly clear, but hundreds of years of common law suggest that a lease conveys an ownership interest - only a possessory ownership interest - but is that enough to allow a lessee to lease solar power equipment for a long time and net meter?
Over the years, Curry built a number of facilities within Yosemite, including The Ahwahnee Hotel and Curry Village (a campsite leading to Half Dome) in which Curry claimed it had an exclusive possessory interest.
Finally, registering collateral grants the secured creditor first rank security over the asset, which ranks higher than all other forms of security or pledges provided by any other law with the exception of judicial expenses and enforcement expenses of the security itself and without prejudice to the rights of possessory creditors under the Civil Code.
simply a possessory action applicable to certain extant practices
Here her focus is on Trance Possession, providing a specific guide on how to enter and exit possessory trance for spirit work.