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Relating to a period or culture in which the feminism of the 1960s and 1970s is seen as largely irrelevant to the current situation, often because that movement is seen as having accomplished its social and political goals or because it is seen as discredited.

post-feminism n.


formal a way of thinking that develops, or reacts to or against previous feminist ideology
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McRobbie, Angela (2006) Post-feminism and popular culture: Bridget Jones and the new gender regime, in Curran James, Morley David (eds.), Media and Cultural Theory.
The reason I am so certain is that post-feminism and post-racism have been so successful.
Just when record numbers of younger women were supporting feminist goals in the mid-1980s, the media declared that feminism was the flavour of the seventies and that 'post-feminism' was the new story--complete with a younger generation who supposedly reviled the women's movement.
Among them are literary history as a provocation to reception studies, post-feminism and the hermeneutics of reception, and genre.
At the same time, the editors and the authors of the essays make clear that we are operating in an era of post-feminism, an era, that is, in which it no longer suffices to talk about a feminist or feminine aesthetic, a feminine spectator position, or representations of women with the same sense of assuredness or mission that was possible in the previous two decades.
When women are struggling to find a way through the post-feminism maze, Jill provided a shining example.
'sI'm even more thankful to be livingin an age that is post-feminism, when real men aren't afraid to brandish a feather duster, scrub down the shower, or bake a cake.
Encompassing the local and global, Irish film history, and representation and ideology, the papers consider parochialism, Japanese cinema, British film studies, the cinematograph, animation, feminism and post-feminism, and racial stereotypes.
Rather than the biologically deterministic pseudo-theory that Whelehan rightly derides but wrongly labels, the post-feminism of my understanding represents not a regression toward simplistic, uncritical essentialism, but a movement forwards--a new critical stance, eyes turned toward the great critic herself, feminism.
Whether or not one agrees with her take on the film, Projansky's critique of post-feminism is welcome in an age when terms like do-me feminism, feminazi and anti-sex feminism get thrown around by pundits, scholars and characters on Ally McBeal (another show that Projansky addresses).
difficult to pinpoint the boundaries between feminism, anti-feminism, post-feminism; various sub-genres of feminism (materialist feminism, psychoanalytic feminism, textualist feminism, separatist feminism, essentialist feminism, solidarity feminism); the new masculinism, old-fashioned bigotry, violent masculine reactionism; and apathy on the subject of gender.
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