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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - the state in which women have stopped ovulating
matureness, maturity - state of being mature; full development
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In the post-maturity dissipation stage, when downdrafts dominate, the storm's footprint on the ground beneath can expand in the form of an outwash far beyond the edge of the storm.
One Newark Center A Note ($82 million) and a smaller retail property ($8.5 million) paid in full post-maturity. Based on Fitch's previous analysis a loss had been assumed on both Loans of Concern.
It was a post-maturity talk-shop; a premature victory festival for 2019.
To assess the accuracy of prediction methods, patients were selected according to these inclusion criteria: Osteosarcoma diagnosis, treated with adjuvant and neoadjuvant chemotherapy before skeletal maturity, and available pre-maturity and post-maturity standing full-length radiographs of the lower limb.