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Noun1.postal clerk - a clerk in a post officepostal clerk - a clerk in a post office    
clerk - an employee who performs clerical work (e.g., keeps records or accounts)
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"Actually," said the postal clerk, "we quit using carrier pigeons.
When asked how the LS rating has changed in recent years, Stockdale responded, "In recent years the rating has become challenging because we have merged three ratings into one: Aviation Storekeeper, Postal Clerk, and Storekeeper.
PESHAWAR -- An accountability court here on Wednesday convicted a postal clerk and sentenced him to four years rigorous imprisonment with a fine of Rs6.45 million for embezzling a huge sum of money meant for pensioners in Khyber Agency.
Eight days later, at 7.30am, postal clerk crossing the bridge spotted his body hanging from scaffolding.
In December of that year he married Elsie Edwards in Coventry and during the Second World War he worked as a postal clerk. He died in 1975 at the age of 79.
But, says Ryan, "there is much more control over a postal clerk."
He's been a postal clerk there for a decade but had worked in the back, sorting packages.
This documentary features Herbert and Dorothy Vogel, a former postal clerk and a librarian, who built a world-class collection of Minimal and Conceptual Art with their modest salaries.
The group has encouraged them to perform in dramas and, in cooperation with various companies and government agencies, has arranged a program whereby they can experience for one day life in a job that they wanted to do, such as cabin attendant, police officer, postal clerk or singer.
As revenge for dismissal from his job as postal clerk in Ridgewood, New Jersey, 35-year-old Joseph Harris killed his former supervisor with a sword and shot her boyfriend dead.
The thugs raided the Drogheda home of postal clerk Warren Nawn on Monday demanding he get Child Allowance payments or else they would kill fiancee Jean Matthews and their girl.
candy, and the banker, postal clerk and grocery-bagger who, like I did,