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Of, relating to, or being a time following a classical period, as in art or literature.
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(ˌpəʊstˈklæsɪkəl) or


(Historical Terms) history relating to or occurring in the period of time after a classical period, esp the classical period of ancient Greece and Rome
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Release date- 29082019 - Sensing & Motion, Augmented Human, Postclassical Compute and Comms, Digital Ecosystems, and Advanced AI & Analytics Are Key Trends in 2019 Emerging Technologies Hype Cycle.
ABSTRACT: There is currently a bifurcation in the theorizing and practicing of comparative narratology that reflects a larger division in postclassical narratology between structuralism and contextualism.
Through close readings of Schumann's criticisms and analyses of selected compositions, Stefaniak makes a case for Schumann's support of serious virtuosity: "The rhetoric in his and his critics' reviews did not signal a wholesale rejection of postclassical virtuosity or the aesthetic of pleasure; instead, they attempted to describe the sound and the cultural status of specific showpieces and performances (partly by contrasting them with more accessible virtuosity)" (p.
Therefore, the spatial theory to a great extent expands and enriches the current postclassical narratology and offers an exciting perspective for the narrative scholars and a very valid critical tool for the literary lovers.
For example, the main methodology is classic, non-classical and postclassical. Here are some of the main areas in which interdisciplinary research is closely related.
Gorey's book, with the claim that poetry has remained a neglected genre in classical narratology, contributes to the extension of postclassical narratology which had long since moved beyond a generic focus on prose and begun to embrace diverse textual categories from cinematic narratives to painting.
Shang's publications include In Pursuit of Narrative Dynamics (Peter Lang, 2011), Contemporary Western Narratology: Postclassical Perspectives (People's Literature Press, 2013), and "Towards a Comparative Narratology: A Chinese Perspective," Comparative Literature studies (2017).
Herman D (1997) Scripts, Sequences, and Stories: Elements of a Postclassical Narratology.
Pre-, anti-, and postclassical cinema join together, united in their shared emphasis on bodily address and the rejection of storytelling.
In recent years, the Washington D.C.-based PostClassical Ensemble promoted Revueltas's music through conferences and performances, culminating in a newly recorded version of Revueltas's soundtrack for the 1935 film Redes, featured in the 2016 Naxos DVD release.