Of or relating to products that have been used and recycled by consumers: paper made from postconsumer waste.
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The gray and taupe benches and planks he began constructing from postconsumer plastic in 1997 are directed toward providing park recreation and communal dance floors, putting waste to work in the service of urban citizenry.
Also included was information on the percentage of recycled material (including postconsumer waste and recovered material incorporated during the manufacturing process) that these products should contain.
Eco-velvet is produced with Wellman's Fortrel EcoSpun fiber - a fiber Produced from 100 percent recycled PET from postconsumer soda bottles.
Conservatree has taken the Mobro Principles to the EPA and the White House, but it faces stiff competition from the American Forest & Paper Association, whihc promotes a definition that keeps postconsumer waste as an option, not a requirement.
The company's notebook paper is now made entirely of postconsumer waste (compared with 60% in 1991), an advance that chief executive officer Charles Hanson is confident will be a hit with the back-to-school crowd.
headquarters in Plano, Texas, and is incorporating PepsiCo's postconsumer packaging from various pick-up programs into this process.
The Connecticut PaintCare program will significantly increase post-consumer architectural paint collection sites and recycling opportunities for residents, businesses, and other generators of postconsumer architectural paint, while providing substantial cost savings to municipal HHW collection programs.
That's a 4 percent increase from 2010 and a 55 percent increase from the 652.4 million pounds collected in 2005, according to the National Postconsumer Plastic Bag & Film Recycling Report, released Feb.
"Pressure from the design community to become greener and move away from vinyl backing systems drove us to create BioFelt, which is 82% pre- and postconsumer recycled content," explains Joe Sultan, CEO of Chilewich Sultan.
Aladdin systems for commingled postconsumer plastic containers use optical color and near-infrared sensors to segregate whole bottles of any resin and/or color: PET, HDPE, PVC, PP, PS, etc.
* Natural sustainable packaging Always respectful of the environment, HCT has gone "green" and has been developing environmentally friendly designs that are realistic in their postconsumer recyclability.