Of or relating to products that have been used and recycled by consumers: paper made from postconsumer waste.
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school and more than 20 percent of the building materials will be derived from postconsumer recycled content.
Partnering with Dole on Sunshine Heroes is local environmental group Mother Earth Foundation and Gone Adventurin', a Singapore-based advisory firm which helps companies, government agencies and nongovernment organizations integrate sustainability practices into their core business, particularly when it comes to the issue of postconsumer waste.
headquarters in Plano, Texas, and is incorporating PepsiCo's postconsumer packaging from various pick-up programs into this process.
Feedstock for the test came from postconsumer detergent bottles that had retained a persistent odor of dishwashing or laundry detergent even after shredding and washing.
McMillian's radical use of postconsumer objects, video and painting are addressed in thoughtful essays by such leading figures in the art world as Charles Gaines, Rita Gonzalez, Dave McKenzie and Steven Nelson.
Polyester Fibers does this by recycling edge trim, which dramatically takes waste out of landfills; partnering with suppliers that produce high quality fiber from recycled pre-industrial, post-industrial and postconsumer waste; implementing scrap buy-back programs with key customers to recycle their fiber scrap; and working with customers to minimize packaging materials that are often thrown away upon receipt.
Recycling bakery, deli and other "behind the counter" rigid plastic containers makes economic sense for supermarkets, according to a study sponsored by the Association of Postconsumer Plastics Recyclers (APR), the trade association representing the plastics recycling industry in North America.
Delta Plastics sells irrigation tubing and then recycles old tubing into postconsumer resin that can be used to make other products.
Polysack Flexible Packaging received formal recognition in June 2014 from the Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers (APR) in North America for developing Polyphane[TM] FIT film that meets APR's stringent testing and guidance criteria for sleeve label ink and substrate for PET bottles.
9 billion pounds, according to the Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers and the American Chemistry Council.
The Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers (APR), a trade organization representing the plastics recycling industry in North America, recently announced that five companies have received recognition for designing new products that meet or exceed the voluntary guidelines under APR's Critical and Applications Guidance Recognition Programs.
PaintCare"--the platform for the proper and effective management of postconsumer paint conceived by the American Coatings Association (ACA) and industry--has been adopted by two more states in the United States.