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 (pōst-dāt′, pōst′-)
tr.v. post·dat·ed, post·dat·ing, post·dates
1. To put a date on (a check, for example) that is later than the actual date.
2. To occur later than; follow in time.
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(Banking & Finance) (of a cheque) showing a date later than that when the cheque was actually written
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[ˈpəʊstˈdeɪtɪd] ADJ [cheque] → con fecha posterior
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Summary: New Delhi [India], Aug 1 (ANI): A 56-year-old man was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly inducing people to give money as loan to be returned at an exorbitant rate of interest against postdated cheques as security, police said.
One franchise has submitted a bank guarantee; hence the authorities do not fear bank's bankruptcy but the two others have deposited postdated cheques.
Sanghani further said the creditor threatened to call in the balance by presenting all postdated cheques for payment without proper notice to him.
When he demanded to pay back money, administration gave postdated cheques of two years but stopped payment after seven months.
Barbieri's views on handling certain circumstances in which patients these days land in the labor room, including 1) postdated pregnancy with reduced fetal movements and not in labor; 2) full-term/ postterm pregnancy with free-floating head and poor Bishop score; 3) full-term pregnancy with niggling pains for more than 1 week; and many such conditions that place you in the dilemma of whether to induce, knowing that chances of failure are high.
The witness added that the police raided the showroom and seized copies of postdated cheques worth Dh1.6 billion, presented to investors, presumably to pay back their money and profits of 80 per cent.
Summary: Corporate customers can now scan postdated cheques and digitally warehouse these images until the date of clearance
Emirates NBD today announced that its Wholesale Banking unit has introduced a postdated cheque facility, through smartBUSINESS, its online banking channel.
You can apply for a postdated passport by visiting
Then bulk orders were placed by issuing postdated cheques.
Infuture, more work is needed to explore other parameters of fetal circulatory changes as indices of placentalinsufficiency in postdated pregnancies, thus hopefully helping clinicians to select patients for expectant management, particularly for patients who would like to avoid induction of labor or those with an unfavorable cervix.