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Noun1.poster board - a cardboard suitable for making postersposter board - a cardboard suitable for making posters
cardboard, composition board - a stiff moderately thick paper
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As he held up the poster board to give the journalists present a better view, it became clear the map had been edited: Dorian's cone had been extended with what appeared to be black marker to include the state of Alabama.
Poster Session Presentation Title: 'Cystinosis nonsense mutation read-through mediated by ELX-02 restores protein function using in vitro and in vivo models' Poster Board #: TH-PO813
On March 20th, a bizarre meeting and photo saw Trump excitedly point around a poster board with the heading "12.5 BILLION IN FINALIZED SALES TO SAUDI ARABIA," in all caps, replete with pictures and two bullet points on each of the items included in the deal.
Lee Ann still has a poster board Amanda made featuring dried leaves they collected at the arboretum and label with their scientific names.
. ?Display of one internally illuminated fascia sign and three non-illuminated panel and poster board signs to front of store with amendments to two internally illuminated totem signs to include additional panels at Unit J, Braehead Retail Park, 110 King's Inch Drive, Renfrew.
Even a drinking straw or a small square of poster board can serve for mark making.
For several years I used plain white poster board and created my aiming points using a can of spray paint and a template with rectangular cutouts.
The students work alone or in a group of up to three people to research and prepare an exhibit, usually a poster board, and a short presentation.
Today I contacted my Plaid Cymru office and asked them to put a poster board in my garden.
At Christ Church, Chloe Asbil and her cousins Amanda and Cassandra helped prepare a poster board with information about PWRDF, printed out PWRDF graces and decorated PWRDF cupcakes for a simple meal shared by parishioners.
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* Should fit on a poster board measuring approximately 30 "wide by 36" long Note: No exceptions to poster size limit.