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As for McGregor, this was his first fight in a boxing ring after emerging as the UFC's poster boy when he held the lightweight and featherweight belts consecutively.
BILLY Caldwell has been made the poster boy for a new brand of oil which is expected to help millions.
ANYONE who remembers the hit song "If Paradise was Half as Nice" will no doubt remember the poster boy who fronted the Sixties band, Amen Corner.
A LITTLE boy who suffers with a condition affecting only one in a million people has become a poster boy for a national event.
Canadian Ben Johnson has become a poster boy for doping in sport over the past 25 years after he was stripped of his 1988 Olympic gold, but there are two sides to every story, according to the CBC's Shane Foxman.
Summary: Paralympic poster boy Oscar Pistorius has been pipped to the post in a shock loss in the final of the T44 200m.
Dede Crane's latest teen novel Poster Boy delivers a satisfying and emotionally rich story with realistic and colourful characters.
Please try to find another poster boy or girl for L.
It's not that Poster Boy isn't packed with pointed things to say about same-sex marriage, political hypocrisy, and homophobia--like Mary Cheney, this movie's hero often shows massive denial of a father's antigay agenda despite his own sexual orientation.
And who now has symbolically become Japan's poster boy for such speculation?