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Cardboard with an appropriate stiffness and thickness for use in making posters.
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Noun1.posterboard - a cardboard suitable for making postersposterboard - a cardboard suitable for making posters
cardboard, composition board - a stiff moderately thick paper
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As described above, activities on the day of the event included the help of a volunteer certified personal trainer, educational demonstrations at the various display tables (eg, how to do a breast exam using a model of a breast with and without small lumps, reviewing normal Pap slides under the microscope or on a posterboard display), and movies set up in the children's activity center.
Everything goes on the posterboard calendar, and when we need something to do, we can see exactly what's going on that day.
We'll fill our house with books and newspapers and almanacs, classic films, boxes bursting with crayons and glitter and posterboard.
com to * Posterboard projects use cell phones for polling All * "Cafe" Style Teaching * Pinterest (M.
Teens made wrestling belts using black posterboard, gold party plates, and shiny gold paper.
There is an enormous pair of wings, stuck together out of glue, turkey feathers and posterboard.
Various examples of presentation mediums may include, but are not limited to Powerpoint, Online Slideshow, Posterboard, or Handouts.
The posterboard outside the middle school auditorium distinctly read TALENTLESS SHOW.
They present posterboard words simply hanging in midair, purchased for a price, and deployed to inspire productivity.
Get a piece of posterboard and cover it with photos of Mom, your faro and her friends and shots of her favorite things (like the Ugg boots she fives in) and places (like Italy, where she spent her best vacay ever).