posterior cerebral artery

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Noun1.posterior cerebral artery - arises from the basilar artery; divides into three branches
arteria cerebri, cerebral artery - any of the arteries supplying blood to the cerebral cortex
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The posterior cerebral artery is displayed in the transtemporal window and usually located 1-2 cm posterior to the internal carotid artery bifurcation in the same plane as the Willis polygon.
MRA showed unilateral involvement of middle cerebral artery the most common (25%) followed by bilateral middle cerebral artery (21%), 13% of each found with involvement of middle cerebral artery with anterior cerebral artery or posterior cerebral artery, 6.7% of middle cerebral artery with internal carotid artery.
Among them 49 involving MCA, 10 posterior cerebral artery and 4 due to anterior cerebral artery involvement (Table I).
Abbreviations ACA: Anterior cerebral artery CAD: Coronary arterial disease CT: Computed tomography CVA: Cerebrovascular accident ECG: Electrocardiogram ESUS: Embolic stroke of undetermined significance FLAIR: Fluid attenuated inversion recovery MRA: Magnetic resonance angiogram MRI: Magnetic resonance imaging PCA: Posterior cerebral artery PET: Positron emission tomography PVC: Premature ventricular contractions.
Prior to therapy (a): prolonged mean transit time in large parts of the left middle cerebral artery territory as well as both posterior cerebral artery territories and an area with only moderately elevated transit time was found in the left insular cortex (white circle).
"Failure of the Pipeline Embolization Device in Posterior Communicating Artery Aneurysms Associated with a Fetal Posterior Cerebral Artery" [1].
The ultrasound protocol, performed with Motion-Mode module and according to standard technique [13], provided, through the temporal acoustic window, the analysis of the following arterial vessels: internal carotid artery (ICA) in its distal portion, middle cerebral artery (MCA), section A1 of the anterior cerebral artery (A1-ACA), and posterior cerebral artery (PCA), in order to assess the possible MFV rate variations in response to the administration of IFN-[beta].
The distinction between a bilateral infarct in the posterior cerebral artery territory and PRES can be made based on the fact that PRES does not commonly affect the calcarine and occipital lobe structure.
Diffusion-weighted MRI showed middle cerebral artery (n=8; right=5, left=3) and posterior cerebral artery (n=3; right=1, left=2) infarctions.
After surgical clipping, rebleeding was noted, and repeat DSA demonstrated that the bleeding site was on the right posterior cerebral artery. The distribution of SAH associated with the preserved Liliequist membrane may suggest the origin of the bleeding.
Rhoton Jr., "Microsurgical anatomy of the posterior cerebral artery," Journal of Neurosurgery, vol.
For example, for basilar apex aneurysms, the distal end of the first stent is positioned into the posterior cerebral artery (PCA) that arises at the most acute angle from the basilar apex (or the one with the most difficult configuration to navigate), with the proximal end positioned in the distal basilar artery itself.

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