posterior subcapsular cataract

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Noun1.posterior subcapsular cataract - a cataract in the rear of the lens capsule
cataract - an eye disease that involves the clouding or opacification of the natural lens of the eye
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Regarding the type of cataract, cortical cataract was most commonly seen in 50% cases followed by posterior subcapsular cataract in 28% cases.
Other known side effects of topical steroids include formation of posterior subcapsular cataracts and a predisposition to secondary ocular infections.
c) OR = odds ratio; CI = confidence interval; PSC = posterior subcapsular cataract.
Vitamin C showed its strongest protective effect against cataract that forms at the back of the lens on the capsule which surrounds the lens, called posterior subcapsular cataract (P.
The predominant type of cataract was early onset senile cortical cataract in sixteen eyes, five eyes showed posterior subcapsular cataract, senile nuclear sclerosis was present in six eyes.

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