posterior synechia

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Noun1.posterior synechia - adhesion between the iris and the lens
synechia - adhesions between the iris and the lens or cornea resulting from trauma or eye surgery or as a complication of glaucoma or cataract; can lead to blindness
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Patients with posterior synechia, hypopyon, and/or fibrinous reaction in the anterior chamber were recorded separately.
(ii) Few months later, this progressed to panuveitis with fundus obscuring cataract, total posterior synechia, seclusion pupillae (Figure 1), and poor response to treatment.
No postoperative complications occurred, such as a transient hypotony, elevated IOP, corneal edema, fibrotic exudation, iris posterior synechia, endophthalmitis, or macular edema.
The effect of mydriatics on posterior synechia after combined pars plana vitrectomy, phacoemulsification, and intraocular lens implantation.
(21) A synechia is an ocular condition which involves adhesion of the iris to either the cornea (anterior synechia) or to the lens (posterior synechia).
Slit lamp examination of BE shows mixed conjunctival congestion, KPs, cells 4+ with exudation in anterior chamber, vitreous cell+, in RE pupil irregular due to posterior synechia. LE pupil was dilated, pigments present over lens, limbal suture present at 1-3 O'clock (Fig.
Among various eye affections, highest percentage of prevalence was corneal ulceration (15.6%) followed by conjunctivitis (11.7%), corneal opacity (10.2%), congenital affections (blindness, dermoid), neoplasia (7.8% each), injured eyelids, orbital affections, keratitis, hyphema (7.2% each), pannus (4%), hypopyon, descemetocele, uveitis (2.3% each), luxation of lens, exophthalmos, eye worm, panophthalmia (1.6% each) and posterior synechia (0.8%).

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