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 (pŏ-stîr′ē-ər, pō-)
1. Located behind a part or toward the rear of a structure.
2. Relating to the caudal end of the body in quadrupeds or the back of the body in humans and other primates.
3. Botany Next to or facing the main stem or axis.
4. Coming after in order; following.
5. Following in time; subsequent.
The buttocks.

[Latin, comparative of posterus, coming after, from post, afterward; see apo- in Indo-European roots.]

pos·te′ri·or·ly adv.
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Given the left temporal scalp defect from skin necrosis, a rotation-advancement flap pedicled posteriorly from the occipital vessels was used (figure 2).
Avenue T is the first and only posteriorly implanted cage with integrated, anti-migration fixation, solidifying Zimmer Biomet as the first company to offer a suite of lumbar cages with integrated fixation for every fusion approach.
8 Blade of paramere with small inwardly bent apical spine, inner margin smooth and a little swollen; dorsal conjunctival appendages large, apical portion thin turned inward like sickle, penial lobes broad, spatulate; 1stgonocoxaewith posterior margin straight; 2nd gonocoxae posteriorly convex; spermathecal bulb with 3 sub equal processes .
Dislocation of the mandible can occur anteriorly or posteriorly or laterally or superiorly.
In contrast, subdural hemorrhage in the retroclival region has an adult predilection and, lacking such ligamentous constraint, can dissect both posteriorly at the foramen magnum as well as inferiorly into the spinal sub-dural space.
Posteriorly based myomucosal lateral tongue flaps are raised from anterior to posterior direction, based on lingual arteries.
Sternum dark blackish brown with median wide yellowish bar which forks posteriorly into three wide spikes.
Through reciprocal action of the fibula, the proximal fibula head also glides posteriorly and inferiorly.
It is supported by a thick layer of cingulum posteriorly.
Because of the marked deformity of the posteriorly displaced fracture (Figure 2), an operative repair was advised, and the family agreed to proceed to surgery.