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1. At the back of the frontal bone; behind the forehead.
2. Toward the rear of the frontal lobe.
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Fog may also develop in postfrontal cold air in winter, during dawn and early morning, due to noticeable nocturnal cooling, especially after large frontal precipitation and under light winds due to weakening of pressure gradient.
An adult male banded on 9 June 2012 was noted as having extensively yellow underparts and had a yellowish tinge in his postfrontal bar, both suggestive of G.
The notable exception to this pattern was the increase in growth rate that occurred during positive NWTs associated with flood tides, and this increase in growth rate may be a function of interim or prefrontal conditions associated with southerly winds and higher coastal sea level in relation to the reestablishment of the tidal prism after flushing from northerly winds of the postfrontal phase.
Distinguishing features: Carapace strongly granulated, forming sharp angle between postfrontal crest and epibranchial region.
The height of the postfrontal inversion is important, with a height right at the mountaintop level having the most potential to enhance the high winds.
a, angular; art, articular; bo, basioccipital; d, dentary; ect, ectopterygoid; f, frontal; j, jugal; l, lacrimal; mcg, meckelian groove; mx, maxilla; n, nasal; op, opisthotic; p, parietal; pal, palatine; pf, postfrontal; pmx, premaxilla; po, postorbital; pp, postparietal; pro, prootic; prf, prefrontal; pbs, parabasisphenoid; pt, pterygoid; q, quadrate, qj, quadratojugal; so, supraoccipital; sp, splenial; sq, squamosal; st, supratemporal; sa, surangular; ta, tabular; v, vomer
Gaffney and Meylan (1988) elaborated upon Gray's (1831a) definition of Testudinata to include that the post parietals are absent, lacrimal bone small or absent, teeth replaced by horny triturating surfaces, parietal (pineal) opening usually absent, stapes solid and rod-like, and postfrontal absent.
Thus, [[theta].sub.e] increases behind the cold front (340 K in the prefrontal air versus 350 K in the postfrontal air; Fig.
In lateral view, frons projecting beyond anterior edge of eye (postfrontal projection).