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(Psychoanalysis) psychoanal of, relating to, or taking place in the period following hypnosis


(ˌpoʊst hɪpˈnɒt ɪk)

1. of or pertaining to the period after hypnosis.
2. (of a suggestion) made during hypnosis so as to be effective after awakening.


a. posthipnótico-a, que sigue al estado hipnótico.
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For example, the hypnotist may make unwanted or unintended posthypnotic suggestion.
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She had hypnotized the protagonist, and he was making love to this body under posthypnotic suggestion, literally being controlled by someone who was dead which is kind of a gruesome notion, but perfectly consistent with Poe.
Some of these suggestions may be posthypnotic suggestions: This means that you receive a directive to follow at some later point.
"I spent time with a hypnotherapist talking about just what posthypnotic suggestion actually is, how it affects you and how we actually see these moments of our lives."
The postoperative and posthypnotic recovery was uneventful and the patient expressed great satisfaction with her perioperative experience.
In one study, hypnotic imagery and posthypnotic suggestion were accompanied by significantly improved control of pain, sitting balance, and diplopia in a 30-year-old female with multiple sclerosis.
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