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1. Music
a. An organ voluntary played at the end of a church service.
b. A concluding piece.
2. A final chapter or phase.


1. (Music, other) music a final or concluding piece or movement
2. (Ecclesiastical Terms) a voluntary played at the end of a Church service
[C19: from post- + -lude, from Latin lūdus game; compare prelude]


(ˈpoʊst lud)

a concluding piece of music, esp. an organ voluntary at the end of a church service.
[1850–55; post- + -lude < Latin lūdus game, on the model of prelude]
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Noun1.postlude - a voluntary played at the end of a religious service
voluntary - composition (often improvised) for a solo instrument (especially solo organ) and not a regular part of a religious service or musical performance


nNachspiel nt
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Often found in Schumann's postludes, this texture, according to Eric Sams, ultimately "defines the song.
The Town Hall Steinway sounded arrestingly bright as Lewis launched into the first of the after-rnoon's many preludes before the soloist's entry - through each of which, and in the postludes, too, Padmore's attentive and communicative bodylanguage was a revelation in itself (those with heads immersed in the texts in the admittedly excellent programme-book missed so much of this crucial element in song-recitals).
Wareham began uncovering his ears to postludes quite early.
Arrangements are sensitive and contemplative, suitable for offertories or meditation music, in addition to preludes and postludes in blended or contemporary Christian services.
Now the organ was used to accompany the cantorial recitative, to perform preludes and postludes, music for meditation, as well as to accompany congregational singing.
We proceed through the usual church politics, including older members wondering why they no longer sing old, favorite hymns, members complaining that Axel chooses too much classical music for preludes and postludes, concerns over involving the youth in the church, and finding that everyone has an opinion on everything.
The Student Postludes following the Friday Festival Concerts are considered a highlight by the cognoscenti.
The length of each arrangement is usable for prelude or postludes in a contemporary church service--the lengthiest arrangement is three pages.
The preludes, postludes and accompaniments for all these settings were originally composed for piano with optional violin and cello.
The Liefdedrama's songs are linked together by preludes and postludes and recurrent motives.
And Cheung brought both resonance and delicacy to Schumann's piano-writing, as vital to the success of each song as the vocal part, his postludes to so many of the offerings compelling frozen acquiescence from the vocalist.
The resulting arrangement reconfigures the book as a mainly chronological study of Wagner's operatic output followed by a chain of postludes.