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Adj.1.postmortal - occurring or done after death; "postmortem changes"; "a postmortem examination to determine cause of death"; "postmortal wounds"
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Ataque mortal por perros de raza rottweiller a una mujer adulta: posible ataque en manada y antropofagia postmortal. Revision y analisis de un caso de autopsia medico legal.
"Postmortal personal rights exist, but legally they aren't binding," said Merke.
Regional distribution and effects of postmortal delay on endocannabinoid content of the human brain.
Postmortal examination of an enlarged lymph node showed typical features of AITL, including effacement of nodal architecture with "burn out" lymphoid follicles (pattern II), proliferation of arborizing high endothelial venules, and the infiltration of CD4-positive atypical small T-lymphocytes with TFH phenotype [7].
La segunda parte, que lleva como titulo <<escatologia personal e inmediata tras la muerte>> conecta con las consideraciones anteriores acerca de la pervivencia postmortal. El autor, partiendo no solo de la revelacion sino tambien de la razon, explica que es parte intrinseca de la dinamica del amor el esclarecimiento (<<juicio>>) de si tal amor ha sido correspondido o no (en el caso que nos concierne, tanto Dios como el hombre comprobaran si hubo tal correspondencia: <<a la tarde te juzgaran en el amor>>, dice bellamente san Juan de la Cruz).
Postmortal Hullbe-domning av Hull Hos Tamdjur och Vilda Djur (Postmoral Examination of Body Condition in Pet Animals and Wildlife).
Last year, in a related essay, "Skulls, Ancestors and the Meaning of Kelelungan," Oliver Venz wrote more generally on Benuaq eschatology, focusing in particular on the notion of kelelungan and the association of these postmortal spirits with the skulls of the dead.
The main indication for fetotomy in sheep and goat were fetuses with postmortal edema and emphysema (80.0%) and deformity of kids (20.0%) respectively (Sobiraj, 1993).
LDS teaching describes each individual "self" as having experienced a now-forgotten premortal spiritual existence, followed by a mortal earthly life, and finally a postmortal spiritual reality.
A few decades earlier, Ivan Illich (1994, 11) already noted the blurring of the boundaries between life and death when he warned for a "new biocracy", in which the desire to "postpone death at almost any cost" becomes the primary motive of social organization." More recently, Celine Lafontaine (2009) has noted how contemporary people seem to be living or believing in the era of the "postmortal condition" - a condition in which life, and being kept alive, is perceived as a higher good than the world of reason and freedom.
of postmortal advisor to 'the sons of Israel." (13)