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1. The placing of a word or suffixed element after the word to which it is grammatically related.
2. A word or element placed postpositionally, as a preposition placed after its object. For example, in the phrase these facts notwithstanding, notwithstanding is a postposition.

post′po·si′tion·al adj.
post′po·si′tion·al·ly adv.
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1. (Grammar) placement of a modifier or other speech element after the word that it modifies or to which it is syntactically related
2. (Grammar) a word or speech element so placed
ˌpostpoˈsitional adj
ˌpostpoˈsitionally adv
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(ˌpoʊst pəˈzɪʃ ən, ˈpoʊst pəˌzɪʃ ən)

1. the act of placing after.
2. the state of being so placed.
a. the use of words, particles, or affixes following the elements they modify or govern.
b. a word, particle, or affix so used, as the adjective general in attorney general, or the particle e “to” in Japanese Tokyo e “to Tokyo.”
post•pose′, v.t. -posed, -pos•ing.
post`po•si′tion•al, adj.
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Noun1.postposition - (linguistics) the placing of one linguistic element after another (as placing a modifier after the word that it modifies in a sentence or placing an affix after the base to which it is attached)
linguistics - the scientific study of language
position, place - an item on a list or in a sequence; "in the second place"; "moved from third to fifth position"
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Etude quantitative de l'evolution d'un morpheme: La postposition ra en persan.
Incidentally, Georgian may also be the source for the suffix 4shi (for which there seems to be no parallel in Hurrian), the postposition --si = "in, into." Perhaps Tolkien was drawing upon the extraordinary research resources available at Oxford, which held the most important archive pertaining to Kartvelian Studies outside Georgia (the Wardrop Collection).
But data from all the corpora show that another strategy used in when/while-clauses--constructions formed by verbal nouns with suffix -on and the postposition d[??]rja 'while'--is much more frequent than that of using constructions with -on'n'ig- (see Table 2).
Francisco Marcos Marin (2005) adds the practice of grammaticalization to these linguistic entities: the development of new morphological elements such as the postposition p'atras in llamar p'atras or para atras (meaning "call back").
Useless morphemes stand for postposition, special character, end of a word, and so forth, we extract only nouns, adjectives, and verbs.
In two of the examples, given here in (1) and (2), to is a postposition following a pronoun.
The postposition of included is one of the reasons why it is less frequently used than including, which clearly delimits where the EE starts.
The postposition of predictions made in 2002 is in part due to emerging problems relating to the production and durability of these materials.