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1. The placing of a word or suffixed element after the word to which it is grammatically related.
2. A word or element placed postpositionally, as a preposition placed after its object. For example, in the phrase these facts notwithstanding, notwithstanding is a postposition.

post′po·si′tion·al adj.
post′po·si′tion·al·ly adv.
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Its postpositional use is considerably more frequent and has later developed into the comitative case suffix -ga (Alvre 1997; Habicht 2000).
A frequency count in the Bulgarian National Corpus (BulNC) was carried out but only for the base form of the nouns (masculine (with the exception of one neuter noun), singular, no postpositional definite or indefinite article).
From a syntactic point of view it has been questioned whether datives in Basque are postpositional structures or determiner phrases (DPs) (Fernandez & Ortiz de Urbina, 2010).
The compound types include endocentric exocentric copulative postpositional and verbal compounds.
the postpositional object form) and Object form (i.
The Ossetian lexicon includes an element axsan 'midpoint', which combines a close formal match to the earlier Greek form ksun with an ancillary postpositional function ('among') that is not far distant from that of the Greek preposition.
If a switch occurs within the prepositional or postpositional phrases then the preposition or postposition's language will determine the ML of the phrase.
Circumpositions consist of a phrase-initial prefix and a modifying postpositional element at the end of the phrase.
Nevertheless, with the meaning of 'one' an is prepositional and strong, whereas with the meaning of 'alone' ana is postpositional and weak.
However, dead reckoning from the bare figures will not do here, because with one exception in the contents-list betweonum is used solely for set expressions 'between them(selves)', 45 Out of 49 the postpositional formu la him betweonum (Bately 1970: 449; cf.
As for the vil-cases, Baker s analysis of several Permyak corpora, including Uotila's (Baker 1985: 175-181), revealed that they also do not exist in Northern Permyak, and in the Inva variety of Southern Permyak they frequently co-occur with full and reduced postpositional forms.
Unlike Makasae and Makalero, the caused event in Bunaq is not limited to simple intransitive verbs, but has been extended to include fully specified clauses with verbs of any valency plus its arguments, as well as postpositional phrases and adverbials and so forth (see examples in [section]2.