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The stage in the production of a film or a television program, occurring after the action has been filmed or videotaped and typically involving editing and the addition of special effects.


a. the work on a film or a television programme, such as editing, dubbing, etc, that takes place after shooting or videotaping is completed
b. (as modifier): postproduction costs.


(ˌpoʊst prəˈdʌk ʃən)

the final phase of technical work, as editing or synchronizing of sound elements, that must be done before a film, tape, or recording can be released.


B. CPD [costs etc] → que sigue a la producción
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A competition-based postproduction support initiative the festival launched in partnership with the fund, Final Cut in Venice was created to support projects from Africa, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria.
Contract notice: Supply of Postproduction equipment.
Baumgartner, a postproduction specialist and supervisor who works on films and TV shows, offers a guide to stereoscopic 3D postproduction workflows and techniques for use in digital cinema and television shows.
The array would allow them to zoom, pan, refocus, alter angles, or even freeze the hero and circle around him--all in postproduction.
Filmmaking typically involves three phases: preproduction, production, and postproduction.
Abou Dhabi - Le film "Fievres" du realisateur marocain Hicham Ayouch a remporte une subvention de Sanad, un fonds de developpement et de postproduction du Festival du film d'Abu Dhabi (ADFF), qui offre un soutien aux realisateurs arabes.
The Quad 3G interface allows for integrated postproduction and digital cinema mastering workflows.
Woodhall, a sound designer and mixer, introduces audio production and postproduction, emphasizing the importance of recording properly on set and the postproduction process as a creative collaboration.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-30 April 2008-Sweden's Digital Vision AB receives Film Master order from Studio Hamburg Postproduction GmbH(C)1994-2008 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
Sony Pictures Entertainment had maintained all along that pushing the release date of the movie back a year was not a sign of trouble, but that more time was needed for postproduction on the movie shot in Louisiana shortly before Hurricane Katrina hit.
Additionally, Fandell here manipulates the footage in postproduction so that his partner's head appears to make a slow clockwise revolution, as if topsy-turvy in love.
Now in a fully updated and expanded second edition, Guide To Postproduction For TV And Film: Managing The Process continues to be a seminal work for aspiring film and television production producers and managers.