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The period after the end of a regular sports season, during which additional games or playoffs are held, especially to determine a champion.

post′sea′son adv. & adj.


(General Sporting Terms) of or relating to the period after the end of a regular sporting season
(General Sporting Terms) the period after the end of a regular sporting season: home run drought in the postseason.
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Gomes has played in the postseason only twice, for Cincinnati in the 2010 NLDS and for Oakland in the ALDS last year.
MEMPHIS -- San Antonio's Tony Parker scored 37 points in his best game this postseason as the Spurs beat the Memphis Grizzlies 93-86 on Monday to complete a 4-0 sweep and advance to the NBA finals.
This year, unlike any other year in Major League Baseball, the postseason is different.
The Sedin brothers, Henrik and Daniel, account for 37 points for the Canucks in the postseason, and they are joined by Ryan Kesler (18 points), forming a powerful offense.
By applying regression analysis to individual team attendance, broadcast revenues, and other revenue streams, we can estimate how a team's annual wins impact each of these revenues, while adjusting for such factors as new stadium openings, past work stoppages, and previous postseason appearances.
How has the dynamic changed in the City Section Championship playoffs since Taft of Woodland Hills was ruled ineligible for postseason play after using two ineligible players during the regular season?
Loyal Cubbies' following to buy and sell "DIBZ" for postseason tickets
The new Postseason format will feature the two Wild Card teams in the American League and National League playing in a single-elimination game with each winner advancing to compete with the three division champions from its League in the Division Series.
Who is the last Dodgers pitcher to win a postseason game?
While there is no denying the easily observable fact that the greater a team's payroll, the greater its chance of playing in the postseason, the fact is that this domination of baseball by a relatively few teams is not a new phenomenon.
This agreement gives the NFL Network exclusive broadcast rights for the postseason college bowl game sponsored by Insight.

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