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n. Symbol K
A soft, silver-white, extremely reactive element that is an alkali metal, is essential to plant and animal cell functions, and occurs in nature only in compounds. It can be obtained by electrolysis of its hydroxide and is found in, or converted to, a wide variety of salts used especially in fertilizers and soaps. Atomic number 19; atomic weight 39.098; melting point 63.5°C; boiling point 759°C; specific gravity 0.86; valence 1. See Periodic Table.

[From earlier potass, potash (from which it was first obtained), from French potasse, from Dutch potas : pot, pot (from Middle Dutch; akin to Old English pott) + as, ash (from Middle Dutch asche; see as- in Indo-European roots).]

po·tas′sic adj.


(pəˈtæs ɪk)

of, pertaining to, or containing potassium.


adj (Chem) → Kalium-, Kali-
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The MoU would ensure a consistent supply of raw material, intermediaries and finish Phosphatic and Potassic (P&K) fertilizers to cater to the needs of the country at a reasonable price.
The outlay on phosphatic and potassic fertilisers under the Nutrient Based Subsidy Scheme has been increased to Rs25,090.
Similarly, to promote balanced use of fertilizers, India is giving 70% subsidy on urea, 50% on phosphate fertilizers and 50% on potassic fertilizers.
The amount of subsidy on phosphatic potassic fertiliser announced by the Govt, of India shall be deducted from the invoice and payment shall be made on net of the subsidy basis.
Based on Fertilizers, it is further categorized into Nitrogenous, Phosphatic and Potassic fertilizers.
USPRwire, Sun Aug 23 2015] Water-soluble Fertilizers Market by Type (Nitrogenous, Phosphatic, Potassic, and Micronutrients), by Application (Fertigation and Foliar Application), by Crop Type (Field, Horticultural, and Turf & Ornamentals) & by Region - Global Trends and Forecast to 2020
ISLAMABAD -- Federal Minister for Industries and Production Ghulam Murtaza Jatoi on Tuesday said the subsidy package worth Rs 20 billion on Phosphatic and Potassic Fertilizers, specifically diammonium phosphate (DAP) would provide relief to farmers across the country.
Exports of Mineral or Chemical Fertilisers and Potassic has fallen month on month basis by -90.
These could be grouped into hardness geometallurgical domains, such that it was found that green mica alteration is always related to harder rocks, potassic alteration with intermediate hardness, and phyllic and argillic alteration with softer rocks.
Located just north of A-16, the Aurora deposit is aligned to the northwest and situated at the distal end of a regional scale potassic alteration zone, which extends southeast onto A-16.
Most samples indicated widespread hydrothermal alteration consisting of argillic and potassic alteration and the formation of extensive quartz breccias.