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Noun1.potato bug - black-and-yellow beetle that feeds in adult and larval stages on potato leavespotato bug - black-and-yellow beetle that feeds in adult and larval stages on potato leaves; originally of eastern Rocky Mountains; now worldwide
chrysomelid, leaf beetle - brightly colored beetle that feeds on plant leaves; larvae infest roots and stems
genus Leptinotarsa, Leptinotarsa - Colorado potato beetles
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Finally I have just discovered that Deadnetttle is used by organic gardeners as a companion plant for potatoes as it deters the potato bug and improves the growth and flavour of the potatoes.
In a short time this almost unknown insect became, under the title of "potato bug," the best-known insect in America.
I also found that white flowered geraniums ward off Japanese beetles and that nasturtium repels squash bugs, white flies, and the Colorado potato bug.
Roly-poly 54% Pillbug 13% no word for this 11% potato bug 10% doodlebug 3% centipede 3% Note: Table made from pie chart.
27 Facebook post by Cascadia Forest Defenders, a Eugene-based environmental activist group, announcing the Sunday event near McAaAeAeA Kenz Bridge featured a drawing of what appears to be a potato bug smoking a hookah and an anarchist symbol in its smoke.
We fall back into the biological category of the potato bug which exterminated the potato, and thereby exterminated itself" The parallels with the 21st century plight of the rhinoceros, the mountain gorilla, and the African blackwood tree are clear.
Possible replies: pill bug, doodlebug, potato bug, roly poly, sow bug, twiddle bug, wood louse, millipede and centipede.
The rose-breasted grosbeak is also called the "potato bug bird" because of its appetite for the beetles and larvae.
Written and illustrated by elementary school teacher Claudia Chandler Ralphina, the Roly-Poly is a cheery children's picturebook about a roly-poly (also known as "potato bug", "sow bug" or "pillbug") who befriends a young boy.