potato race

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Noun1.potato race - a novelty race in which competitors move potatoes from one place to another one at a time
race - a contest of speed; "the race is to the swift"
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But on Friday the grassroots will stir again when the unbeaten Barters Hill goes off favourite in the potato race, more formally known as the Albert Bartlett.
Prizes were given to the winner of the potato race and the search was on for a new town crier, following the death of predecessor, David Gwynford Price.
A POTATO race, fancy dress and musical buckets will be part of a fun horse show to raise cash for the RSPCA.
Everyone has to participate in all four classes, which consist of bareback potato race, treasure hunt (as there is jumping involved in this class, saddles will be permitted) horse & hound, first rider/pony complete the course, then their partner/hound have to complete the same course (pooches are available to loan) and, finally, an obstacle race.
The students took part in fancy dress parade, PT, Dance, Spoon Potato race, balloon balance race, tug of war, 50,100,200,400 meter race and gymnastic competitions.
Kristina's rosette haul consisted of: 1st potato race, 1st mug race, 1st flag race, 2nd musical ride, 2nd bending race, 3rd lead rein jumping, 3rd jumping (the first time she has jumped at a gymkhana off lead rein) and 1 clear round.
They were late for a very important date but yesterday victory was finally declared in the great potato race.
Afterwards a cycle gymkhana was held on the large lawn, said to be much fun and that that it would be remembered forever, especially the "splendid exhibition" of riding given by the young ladies in the potato race.
French courtiers once used potato starch to whiten their wigs, and there was a time when any decent picnic included a potato race.