potato salad

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Noun1.potato salad - any of various salads having chopped potatoes as the basepotato salad - any of various salads having chopped potatoes as the base
salad - food mixtures either arranged on a plate or tossed and served with a moist dressing; usually consisting of or including greens
amanida de patata
ensalada de patata
salade de pommes de terre
insalata di patate
sałatka ziemniaczana
krompirjeva solata
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When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the potato salad, which has connected them with another, they will do it, believe me, so why insult us?
It offers up natural food recipes, organic and vegetarian selections from mat and soups to beans, pastas and drinks, and it comes from a chef and food columnist who provides dishes ranging from Green Beans and Gold Potato Salad with Miso Dressing to Chili Bean Salad and Cream of Roasted Fennel Soup.
here said last week it had ithdrawn its own-brand mustard and Southern-Style potato salad with a "Best If Used By" date of September 5, 2007 from its shelves because it may contain E.
Readers, please enlighten us before summer potato salad time comes!
When we think "potato salad," we think of this dish: chunks of tender potato and plenty of chopped hard-cooked eggs, lightly coated with a tangy mayonnaise dressing full of crunchy red onion, celery, and pickles.
Beautifully illustrated throughout with color photography of finished dishes, the "kitchen cook friendly" recipes comprising "One Dish Meals" range from 'Vegetable Soup with Radish Salsa'; 'Saigon Beef Stew'; 'Veal Braised in Asti Spumante'; and Frittata with Bacon, Corn and Pasta'; to 'Mushroom-Cauliflower Cury'; 'Potato Salad with Tuna, Olives, and Red Peppers'; and 'Gyro with Tsatziki Sauce'.
There is nothing in the world wrong with the traditional potato salad
It wasn't a big company (Reser's Fine Foods), they're not making the next big nutraceutical (their claim to fame is potato salad) and it wasn't in a big and exciting town (Topeka, Kan.).
Short, easy-to-follow recipes such as Broccoli Casserole, Carrot Bread Loaf, Rhubarb Sponge Pie, Hot Potato Salad, Barbecued Hamburger and much more offer delicious farm-life table creations for every occasion.
In August, for example, she suggests making a Mary snow globe for the feast of Our Lady of the Snows (August 5), Polish potato salad for the feast of St.
It's your mother--she wants you to make a batch of your famous potato salad for an impromptu family barbeque at her house in a few hours.