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n. pl. pot·bel·lies
1. A protruding abdominal region.
2. A potbelly stove.

pot′bel′lied adj.
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Adj.1.potbellied - having a large bellypotbellied - having a large belly      
fat - having an (over)abundance of flesh; "he hadn't remembered how fat she was"
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[ˈpɒtˌbɛlɪd] adj (from overeating) → panciuto/a; (from malnutrition) → dal ventre gonfio
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Letterkenny Magistrates Court was yesterday told a vet found five goats, a potbellied pig, three dogs and three cats when he visited the farm on October 19.
A couple in Pennsylvania are willing to part with a handful of $100 bills if anybody finds their missing potbellied pig and brings it back.
A council spokesman said: day that the council gets a call about a found potbellied pig.
Clark Freeport, Pampanga -- The two-day charity tournament initiated by the "Potbellied Pigs" Rugby Football Club of Hong Kong wrapped up yesterday at the Mimosa Golf and Country Club amid some rains and cloudy skies to raise at least one million Hong Kong dollars (P5.6 million) for select Philippine charities, children's education, and training.
MANILA -- Aside from going after criminals and keeping the peace, these two policemen are on another, perhaps more challenging mission: Break the stereotype of the potbellied cop.
A pregnant potbellied pig and a dying woman are at the heart of this novel about birth, death, and the power of love.
Potbellied police in Indonesia have been ordered to exercise, exchanging their uniforms for jogging bottoms and trainers as they try to drop a few kilos.
Continuing the kosher tradition started last year by the late Piggy Sue, an 18-year-old potbellied pig that died earlier this year, Wilbur, also a potbellied pig, will make his public debut as this year's parade mascot.
In a work session on Tuesday, councilors reviewed draft language for a revised municipal code that would permit just potbellied pigs, sus scrofa vittatus, also known as Vietnamese pigs and miniature pigs.
GEORGE Clooney lived with a Vietnamese black-bristled potbellied pig Max (left) for eight years.