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Noun1.potential drop - the difference in electrical charge between two points in a circuit expressed in voltspotential drop - the difference in electrical charge between two points in a circuit expressed in volts
electrical phenomenon - a physical phenomenon involving electricity
evoked potential - the electrical response of the central nervous system produced by an external stimulus; "he measured evoked potentials with an electroencephalogram"
resting potential - the potential difference between the two sides of the membrane of a nerve cell when the cell is not conducting an impulse
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Ryanair's chief commercial officer David O'Brien said 300 indirect jobs could be lost at Glasgow due to a potential drop in passengers numbers of about 500,000 a year.
The potential drop in federal revenue reflects a furious burst of creativity among state lawmakers and tax experts in response to the Republican-sponsored federal tax-overhaul legislation that President Donald Trump signed last month.
The research firm pointed out that TE plans to keep its stake in Vodafone Egypt to shield off any potential drop in profitability as it contributes heavily to the company's bottom line.
A professional also can provide advice on how to manage your assets so that the surviving spouse is in better shape to handle a potential drop in income.
And the fans' body has praised the efforts of the club to stay in line with football finance regulations as the Bluebirds brace themselves for a potential drop in revenue of as much as PS15m next season.
4 percent on average at end-June 2017, which should help them cope with a potential drop in asset quality.
In addition to analysing the potential drop in electricity generation from solar panels, National Grid will also have to take into account increased usage as people gather to watch the eclipse and then return to what they were previously doing.
Such steps will be essential in preventing a potential drop in service levels and productivity.
WORKERS expecting to receive a pay boost following a potential drop in migration after the UK's vote to leave the European Union are likely to be disappointed, according to a new report.
Despite the fall in the price of oil and a potential drop in oil production, it believes other sectors of the economy will help to maintain growth.
British Prime Minister David Cameron warned voters on Sunday that they would face higher grocery bills if the country decides to leave the European Union at a June 23 referendum, citing a potential drop in the value of sterling.

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