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 (pŏt′ûrb′, -hûrb′)
A plant whose leaves, stems, or flowers are cooked and eaten or used as seasoning.
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(Plants) any plant having leaves, flowers, stems, etc, that are used in cooking for seasoning and flavouring or are eaten as a vegetable
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(ˈpɒtˌɜrb, -ˌhɜrb)

any herb boiled for use as a vegetable or added to food as a seasoning.
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Noun1.potherb - any of various herbaceous plants whose leaves or stems or flowers are cooked and used for food or seasoning
veg, vegetable, veggie - edible seeds or roots or stems or leaves or bulbs or tubers or nonsweet fruits of any of numerous herbaceous plant
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[ˈpɒtˌhɜːb] nerba aromatica
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Portulaca oleracea (purslane) is widely distributed in several countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia where it is used as a potherb. It is an annual plant that produces flowers in the summer.
Then planted in Ex-situ Conservation Garden and Identification Center of Potherb Germplasm in Northeast China.
Chickory is a member of the daisy family and is included in salads or cooked as a potherb. Flowers provide color to salads and may be used fresh.
Okra leaves are edible and may be consumed as a potherb; they are sometimes used as a basis for poultices as an emollient or antiscorbutic to treat dysuria while young leaves are sometime consumed as spinach [3].
The results suggested the disturbance by potherb collecting and herding in local forest has affected the scope availability of this pheasant, which can be verified by the variables differences of distance to path between breeding habitat and control site of this pheasant (P Less than 0.01).
The flower buds of this spiny tree are cooked as a potherb, and also pickled (Jacobs 1965).
The garlic (or sir, in Persian), is par excellence the potherb of the East, aid digestion, and is a gastric stimulant.
The department store offered 100 bowls of ''harihari-nabe,'' a hot pot meal containing whale meat and ''mizuna'' potherb mustard greens, to visitors free of charge.
In fact, at the front steps of my workplace small clumps of purslane--an edible wild plant with small chewy leaves that can be used in salads, as a potherb or a pickle--have been growing most of the summer out of the sidewalk's crevices.