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A small pad of fabric, silicone, or other material, used for handling hot cooking utensils.
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(Cookery) a piece of material used to protect one's hands while lifting a hot pot
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(ˈpɒtˌhoʊl dər)

a thick piece of material, as a quilted or woven pad, used in handling hot pots and dishes.
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Noun1.potholder - an insulated pad for holding hot potspotholder - an insulated pad for holding hot pots
pad - a flat mass of soft material used for protection, stuffing, or comfort
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I like mine about 5 or 6 inches square (about the size of a potholder), but any size that works for you will do.
From a seed stitch headband to a potholder, all that's required is an interest in knitting and a basic knowledge of knitter's abbreviations and directions.
We'll be exploring them today." Open one bag and show students the object--a potholder, a tube of toothpaste, whatever.
No more searching for a potholder or towel because this chef's apron and towel have them built in.
With ours, you never have to use another potholder or oven mitt again."
Participants will begin work on a knitted potholder. Please bring a size 7, 8 or 9 pair of knitting needles.
1 a Crafter Christine Robbins will return to help the kids with a loom & hook potholder project.
The apron functioned as an improvised potholder or hand towel, or as a basket in which to gather produce or eggs.
A number of craft looms from other companies were also placed front and center in their respective booths, with brands including Loop de Doo and Loop de Loom, Potholder Pro, Threadz, Lots of Knots, and Bead Bazaar's Beading Loom Kit, among others.
They used less material, it served as a potholder for removing hot pans from the oven, and it was wonderful for drying children's tears.
The weaving chapters encompass every level from paper weaving to potholder looms, finger-weaving to heddle and tapestry looms.
Then go the extra mile and email those who are obligated to gift you with a potholder or bit of myrrh, and ask them to donate to a charity instead.