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1. A hole or pit, especially one in a road surface. Also called chuckhole.
2. A deep round hole worn in rock by loose stones whirling in strong rapids or waterfalls.
3. Western US A place filled with mud or quicksand that is a hazard to cattle.

pot′holed′ adj.
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Adj.1.potholed - used of paved surfaces having holes or pits
rough, unsmooth - having or caused by an irregular surface; "trees with rough bark"; "rough ground"; "rough skin"; "rough blankets"; "his unsmooth face"
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There are overflowing gutters, choked drainage pipes, failed sanitation systems and roads that become potholed.
Lethal traffic accidents frequently happen in the region, where roads are often narrow and potholed.
In any county in England one can find potholed roads, but Mr Piper - who doesn't give an address - might like to contact me and tell me where he found roads that were like those that might exist in "third world countries".
The 'Mulk' actor also said the state of potholed roads and highways are "pathetic", especially in monsoons.
Potholed roads across the county are being fixed as part of a PS9 million programme of work.
"Some gave me badly potholed roads, or even off-roading to try.
MOTORISTS are being stung in the UK's potholed streets scandal, as the average broken axle and suspension bill hits PS305.
The Larkana road, which starts from the standing point of Garhi Yasin Chok, Shikarpur, is potholed and in a miserable condition.
Many sections of the Main University Road, especially opposite the NED University and between Civic Center and Old Sabzi Mandi on down lane have gone broken and potholed, creating severe problems for commuters.
Many sections of University Road, especially opposite Nadir Edulgee Dinshaw (NED) University and between Civic Center and Old Sabzi Mandi on down lane are broken and potholed, creating severe problems for commuters.
And there was cracking competition for the most potholed UK road.
Patna: Angry villagers forced a ruling party lawmaker to get down from his swanky car and wade through the muddy, potholed road flooded with drain water after he failed to repair it.