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A vase or jar with a round or polygonal body tapering at the neck and having a removable cover.

[French, from pot, pot, from Old French, from Vulgar Latin *pottus.]
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n, pl -tiches (-ˈtiːʃɪz; -ˈtiːʃ)
(Ceramics) a tall vase or jar, as of porcelain, with a round or polygonal body that narrows towards the neck and a detached lid or cover
[French, from pot pot; compare pottage]
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La fin d'une potiche reproduces a suicide scene, a pedestal table thrown on the ground and the vase hung from the neck, inclined like that of hung person.
Frantz is a masterful step forward for Ozon who has achieved international success with more conventional films such as 8 Women and Potiche. Frantz by contrast is so carefully and astutely constructed that it appears almost timeless.
Mandarin holds a catalogue of 32 feature films, such as Chocolat, OSS 117 Rio ne repond plus, Potiche, De l'autre cote du periph, Pattaya.
Mandarin holds a catalogue of 32 feature films, such as Chocolat, OSS 117 Rio ne rA(c)pond plus, Potiche, De l'autre cA'tA(c) du pA(c)riph, Pattaya.
Potiche (2010) Film4, 1.35am Screen legends Catherine Deneuve and Gerard Depardieu light up the big screen in Francois Ozon's raucous comedy set in the late 1970s when strikes crippled France.
The subject - transvestitism - isn't standard material for a comedy but no matter, for director Francois Ozon (Potiche, Jeune & Jolie) has created a small gem full of intelligence and zingy one-liners, that deserves and audience beyond the arthouse brigade.
Starting off in the capital and the Constantia Open-air cinema, which will be screening the 2013 animated film O Menino e O Mundo (The Boy and the World) tomorrow, the 2014 French drama Mommy on Thursday and the 2010 French comedy Potiche on Friday.
Director Francois Ozon (Potiche) has recast Fabrice Luchini as teacher Germain, whose tired demeanour is lifted by Claude's enthusiasm.
Luchini, recently also in Francois Ozon's "Potiche" and "In the House," is equally at ease onstage, ouscreen and in literary-themed readings and audio recordings, and "Cycling" was written with his obsession with Moliere in mind.
But this is always a very French drama, too, with a degree of working and family politics reminiscent of the recent Catherine Deneuve film, Potiche. There's a nice scene at the dinner table when Jean-Louis says, in front of Maria: 'If De Gaulle's a tyrant, what's Franco?
You could think of this as an upside down Upstairs, Downstairs film crossed with French employee-related movies like Potiche (2010), which starred Catherine Deneuve and Gerard Depardieu.