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n. pl. potoroo or pot·o·roos
Any of several rat kangaroos of the genus Potorous of Australia, feeding primarily on plants and fungi.

[Probably from Dharuk badaru.]
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(Animals) another name for kangaroo rat
[from a native Australian language]
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Noun1.potoroo - Australian rat kangaroospotoroo - Australian rat kangaroos    
rat kangaroo, kangaroo rat - any of several rabbit-sized ratlike Australian kangaroos
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If you want to see a slightly more unusual young animal, a female long-nosed potoroo who lives in the Australasia zone gave birth to a joey this winter.
The 'perro' mentioned earlier might be a potoroo, but we have no way of ascertaining the species of mammal to which the writer referred.
GECO was awarded for the critical citizen science and on-ground surveying work of its volunteers to protect old growth trees and rainforest plants in East Gippsland forests, which provide critical habitat for species like the Greater Glider, Long-footed Potoroo, Yellow-bellied Glider, Spiny Crayfish and Powerful Owl.
chondrophila has been isolated from aborted cattle fetuses in the United States (11), and was detected in a potoroo (Potorous spp.), a threatened marsupial native to Australia (12).
Not only are the genre of the inscription and the type of object unparalleled in the Hieroglyphic Luwian corpus, but the casts of the eight sides of the prism turned up in a box at the British Museum labeled "Potoroo skull Tasmanian rat-kangaroo Potorous Tridactylus"!
Certainly there are (living) reasons to hope: the mahogany glider (purportedly extinct in 1886, rediscovered in 1989), the Laotian rock rat (known only in the fossil record, discovered in 1996), Gilbert's potoroo (extinct in the 1870s and chanced upon again in 1994).
It is surrounded by a predator-barrier fence and contains a variety of mammals including the eastern barred bandicoot, southern brown bandicoot Isoodon obesulus, long-nosed potoroo Potorous tridactylus, rufous bettong Aepyprymnus rufescens, Tasmanian pademelon, eastern grey kangaroo, swamp wallaby Wallabia bicolor, common brushtail possum Trichosurus vulpecula and eastern quoll Dasyurus viverrinus.
It tells us when certain animals became extinct: the dodo, the thylacine, the great auk, the broad-faced potoroo. It lists animals who are facing extinction, beginning with the biggest, and perhaps the most beautiful big cat, the tiger.
And I am sure you could think of a relative somewhere who could relate to a buff-cheeked gibbon, a large hairy armadillo or a long-nosed potoroo? My shopping dilemmas are now over.
"The Case of the Long-nosed Potoroo: The Framing and Construction of Witness Testimony".