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1. A small bag often closing with a drawstring and used especially for carrying loose items in one's pocket.
2. A bag or sack used to carry mail or diplomatic dispatches.
3. A leather bag or case for carrying powder or small-arms ammunition.
4. A sealed plastic or foil container used for packaging food or drink.
5. Something resembling a bag in shape: the pouches under one's eyes.
6. Zoology A saclike structure, such as the cheek pockets of the gopher or the external abdominal pocket in which marsupials carry their young.
7. Anatomy A pocketlike space in the body: the pharyngeal pouch.
8. Scots A pocket.
9. Archaic A small purse for coins.
v. pouched, pouch·ing, pouch·es
1. To place in or as if in a pouch; pocket.
2. To cause to resemble a pouch.
3. To swallow. Used of certain birds or fishes.
To assume the form of a pouch or pouchlike cavity.

[Middle English, from Old French, of Germanic origin.]

pouch′y adj.
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(ˈpaʊ tʃi)

adj. pouch•i•er, pouch•i•est.
possessing or resembling a pouch.
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Pouchy Cardiff is full of little wannabe plastic gangsters putting on London accents.
Issie saw where the cosmetic mask ended beneath her chin, exposing pouchy wrinkled skin.
Dr Yuri Nikolenko looks like he must be a character, a plain-spoken, paunchy Ukrainian with a waddle in his walk and green eyes in a pale, pouchy face.
Readers of Jezebel.com, a fashion news blog, commented, "I would pay big money for a hot pink drawing tube," and "God help me, I really love Barbie's outfit, and I want it for myself!" However, an architect commenting on Design Observer.com wrote, "[Barbie's] teeth would be bad because she won't have dental insurance and her stomach would be pouchy from a bad diet hurriedly scarfed down at her desk.
The list starts with high waisted jeans- that pouchy bit between the bottom of the zipper and the button looks like you've strapped a denim hot dog around your waist.
In one picture, taken at the end of July according to digital camera data, her belly appears pouchy.