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Noun1.poulette - allemande sauce with chopped parsley
sauce - flavorful relish or dressing or topping served as an accompaniment to food
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Eggs a la tripe, au gratin, a l'Aurore, a la Dauphine, a la Poulette, a la Tartare, a la Venitienne, a la Bordelaise , and so on, and so on.
In the past year, Eastern Consolidated's retail leasing team arranged three other leases on the block for the same landlord including Poulette at 426 Amsterdam Avenue; the Beer Shop at 422 Amsterdam; and Olma Caviar Bar at 420 Amsterdam Avenue."
Des cineastes comme Michel Poulette (presente a Marrakech, Gilles NoE1/2l ou Jean-Marc Vallee-ont developpe un cinema de fiction, le polar notamment, a tendance franchement commercial tout en sauvegardant une forme de singularite que le public apprecie et plebiscite.
Invasive nonnative woody species pose threats to biodiversity and ecosystem function, especially in urban natural areas through effects ranging from increased populations of nonnative worms that alter decomposition rates (Poulette and Arthur, 2012) to reduced nesting success for birds (Nemec et al, 2011).
a cote, un ecran mural presente un menu thematique d'un restaurant fictif, Au Chariot, compose de mets cocasses comme << un emince de charmante poulette a la sauce Chariot >> et une << Charlotte pour dessert >> (Coll.
Heading up the "theology on tap" meetings is 23-year-old Rusty Poulette, a philosophy major at Santa Fe Community College who someday hopes to open his own nonprofit, a Christian whose coming-of-age may resemble many his age.
"Mi'kmaq Atukwaqann and Aural Symbolism in the Music-Making of Thomas George Poulette." Papers of the Thirty-Fifth Algonquian Conference.
Trollope perspectives specifically call to mind issues foregrounded in George Washington Cable's 1873 short story, 'Tite Poulette', a famous tale about a 'tragic mulatta' that Morris draws specific and pointed attention to in Virginia's research into the history of les gens de couleur libre.
Offering a tracklist of All Through The Night (3:36), Prairie Lullaby (2:50), Lullaby, Lullaby (3:12), I Have You (2:31), Dream Baby L'elefant des Reves (4:35), I've Been Told (1:17), Hushaby (3:12), Bonne nuit (2:36), La poulette grise (2:44), Petit bebe (2:25), Maman fait dodo (3:38), Berceuse pour Emanuel Reuben James (2:06), and Isabeau (2:18), Lullaby Berceuse carries its young listeners and readers swiftly through a soothing collection to a quick and silent sleep.
In contrast, she begins to feel in his absence a new pleasure in her own identity and, tellingly, in her own reflection: 'Satisfaite de ma journee, de ma soiree, de Fernand, je m'appelais mon petit coco, mon petit poussin, ma petite poulette. Je me regardai dans la glace, je vis la tete d'une femme qui commencait a reussir' (p.
"The Song--That's the Monument: Eskasoni Mi'kmaw Tribal Culture in the Music-making of Rita Joe and Thomas George Poulette." PhD diss., Brown University, 2003.
English lady-bird), a hen (Danish marihone 'Mary hen', French poulette au bon Dieu 'good God's young hen'), a cow (English lady-cow or cow-lady, Russian bozhia korovka 'God's cow', French vache a Dieu 'God's cow', Italian vacheta de la Madona 'young cow of the Holy Virgin'), an ox (Spanish buey de Dios 'God's ox'), a beetle (German Marienkafer 'Mary beetle', English lady-bug) or, more generally, a little animal (Dutch [Onze] Lieveheersbeestje 'Our Lord's little animal').