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pounce 1

intr.v. pounced, pounc·ing, pounc·es
1. To spring or swoop with intent to seize someone or something: a cat that pounced on a mouse; watched the falcon pounce on the baby rabbit.
2. To attack or criticize suddenly: troops that pounced on a convoy; a reporter who pounced on a politician's change of position.
3. To turn the attention to and try to take advantage of: pounce on an opportunity; pounced on his mistake.
The act or an instance of pouncing.

[From Middle English, pointed tool, talon of a hawk, shortening of ponson, pointed tool, variant of punchon, pointed tool; see puncheon1.]

pounc′er n.

pounce 2

1. A fine powder formerly used to smooth and finish writing paper and soak up ink.
2. A fine powder, such as pulverized charcoal, dusted over a stencil to transfer a design to an underlying surface.
tr.v. pounced, pounc·ing, pounc·es
1. To sprinkle, smooth, or treat with pounce.
2. To transfer (a stenciled design) with pounce.

[French ponce, from Old French, from Vulgar Latin *pōmex, *pōmic-, from Latin pūmex, pumice.]

pounc′er n.

pounce 3

tr.v. pounced, pounc·ing, pounc·es
To ornament (metal, for example) by perforating from the back with a pointed implement.

[Middle English pouncen, probably from Old French poinssonner, from poinson, pointed tool; see puncheon1.]
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References in classic literature ?
These, falling with so much force upon the diamonds, were sure to take up some of the precious stones with them, when the eagles pounced upon the meat and carried it off to their nests to feed their hungry broods.
But no thing of fear pounced out, and when he had gained the inside he scouted carefully around, looking at it and finding it not.
She looked as if she repented coming when Gilbert answered her knock; but Anne flew past him, pounced on her, and drew her in.
She swooped down upon a big apple-tree, and after shaking some golden apples from it, she pounced down upon the earth.
A young man, looking distraught, pounced down on the ladies, asking them to move aside.
The children had discovered the glittering hoard, and when in a mischievous mood used to fling showers of moidores, diamonds, pearls and pieces of eight to the gulls, who pounced upon them for food, and then flew away, raging at the scurvy trick that had been played upon them.
Doolan pounced in 10 minutes when he deflected home a Paul Cairney shot.
Pounced can reverse form ON THE subject of horses reversing the form the next time they meet, if Ascot winner, Sea Lord (matched at a high of 19) and runner-up Pounced ever lock horns in the future, I expect the latter to get his revenge.
After separating from her friends the 18-year-old was walking through Botanic Gardens in South Belfast when the pervert pounced shortly after midnight.
Police believe the same gang who pounced on him was responsible for two other attacks in the same area shortly after 8.20pm.
On the stroke of half-time Jorge Leitao should have made it two when he pounced on Ashley Williams's mistake but his shot was blocked by Stockport's Danny Griffin.
The former Inverness Caledonian Thistle striker opened their account three minutes before the break when Phil Stamp's cross was misjudged and Wyness pounced.