pouncet box

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poun·cet box

A small perfume box with a perforated top.

[Perhaps alteration of *pounced-box, from pounce.]

pouncet box

a box with a perforated top used for containing perfume
[C16 pouncet, perhaps alteration of pounced punched, perforated; see pounce1]

poun′cet box`

(ˈpaʊn sɪt)
a small perfume box with a perforated lid.
[1590–1600; pounce2 or pounce3 + -et]
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remember Hotspur on the battlefield being so contemptuous of the lord who was taking a pouncet box to his nose when the corpses were smelling too much.
These elegant things were called pouncet boxes or, in France, cream boxes and the gold and silver ones were used as collateral by Elizabethan men and women against a loan from a money-lender when times grew hard.