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pounce 1

intr.v. pounced, pounc·ing, pounc·es
1. To spring or swoop with intent to seize someone or something: a cat that pounced on a mouse; watched the falcon pounce on the baby rabbit.
2. To attack or criticize suddenly: troops that pounced on a convoy; a reporter who pounced on a politician's change of position.
3. To turn the attention to and try to take advantage of: pounce on an opportunity; pounced on his mistake.
The act or an instance of pouncing.

[From Middle English, pointed tool, talon of a hawk, shortening of ponson, pointed tool, variant of punchon, pointed tool; see puncheon1.]

pounc′er n.

pounce 2

1. A fine powder formerly used to smooth and finish writing paper and soak up ink.
2. A fine powder, such as pulverized charcoal, dusted over a stencil to transfer a design to an underlying surface.
tr.v. pounced, pounc·ing, pounc·es
1. To sprinkle, smooth, or treat with pounce.
2. To transfer (a stenciled design) with pounce.

[French ponce, from Old French, from Vulgar Latin *pōmex, *pōmic-, from Latin pūmex, pumice.]

pounc′er n.

pounce 3

tr.v. pounced, pounc·ing, pounc·es
To ornament (metal, for example) by perforating from the back with a pointed implement.

[Middle English pouncen, probably from Old French poinssonner, from poinson, pointed tool; see puncheon1.]
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References in classic literature ?
When I became aware that the roc had settled and that I was once again upon solid ground, I hastily unbound my turban from its foot and freed myself, and that not a moment too soon; for the bird, pouncing upon a huge snake, killed it with a few blows from its powerful beak, and seizing it up rose into the air once more and soon disappeared from my view.
With aim aright, With quivering flight, On LAMBKINS pouncing, Headlong down, sore-hungry, For lambkins longing, Fierce 'gainst all lamb-spirits, Furious-fierce all that look Sheeplike, or lambeyed, or crisp-woolly, --Grey, with lambsheep kindliness!
Video footage captured the powerful beasts pouncing on the male and sinking their teeth into him.
Lucia team that the Blaze Spikers encountered as the Lady Realtors led from start to finish by pouncing on 30 unforced errors by Petron.
"In kittens, hunting-type behaviors are common in play, such as stalking, chasing, pouncing, biting and scratching.
EMMERDALE (7pm ITV) WE love the new double act of Bernice and Kerry - and tonight Bernice, right, pounces on Kerry's ex, Andy, who is always up for a bit of pouncing.