pound cake

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pound cake

A rich, finely textured yellow cake containing eggs, flour, butter, and sugar.

[From the original recipe, calling for a pound each of butter, sugar, and flour.]

pound cake



(Cookery) a rich fruit cake originally made with a pound each of butter, sugar, and flour

pound′ cake`

a rich cake made with flour, butter, sugar, and eggs, orig. in proportions of a pound each.
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Noun1.pound cake - rich loaf cake made of a pound each of butter and sugar and flourpound cake - rich loaf cake made of a pound each of butter and sugar and flour
cake - baked goods made from or based on a mixture of flour, sugar, eggs, and fat
loaf - a quantity of food (other than bread) formed in a particular shape; "meat loaf"; "sugar loaf"; "a loaf of cheese"
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And we had fruit cake and pound cake and doughnuts and two kinds of preserves, Marilla.
Melanie's lemon pound cake and seven other flavors, like red velvet and triple chocolate, are now all available for delivery to anywhere in the continental United States through A Little Slice of Heaven's online store.
Enjoy dishes such as Classic Waffles, Fluffy Pancakes, Frittata, Chile Relleno Quiche, Swedish Meatballs, Levantine Kebabs, Portobello Schnitzel, Challah, Marshmallows, Sweet Whipped Topping, Lemon Meringue Pie, Pistachio and Cranberry Biscotti, Madeleines, Pound Cake, Meringue Cookies, Espresso Macarons, and much more.
I almost did not attempt the pound cake because of the coconut.
The participants cut 150 pound cake and congratulated Christian employees on Christmas.
Similarly, the rate of per pound cake starts from Rs 150 and reaches Rs 500.
Get our favorite recipe, Powdered Sugar Pound Cake, on sunset.
Using this approach, TV dinners can be made from scratch, traditional desserts receive a facelift for flavor and nutrition, and even something as basic as Popcorn Shrimp sparkles when matched with Leek-Chile Butter, or the classic Fondue with a recipe for Chocolate-Cardamaro that pairs port and bittersweet chocolate with strawberries and pound cake for dipping.
Her cold remedy includes a pound and a half of raw beef tenderloin, eight to twelve shots of bourbon, two Valiums, a pack of menthol cigarettes, three bottles of Robitussin, and a pound cake.
Watch a video of Authentic Florida blogger Robin Draper prepare orange pound cake with strawberries (Read about more authentic Florida ideas on page 44.
It's like eating an entire (four-serving) box of Sara Lee All Butter Pound Cake slathered with eight pats of butter.
Mom also makes butter pound cake, chocolate pound cake, marble pound cake, apple dapple cakes, cookies, and whoopee pies.