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He wants Antonio's life, and well he knows if a pound of flesh be cut from this poor merchant's breast he must die.
Why, this bond is forfeit: And lawfully by this the Jew may claim A pound of flesh, to be by him cut off Nearest the merchant's heart.
I'll admit that if Monty were to present himself in London to-morrow and demand his full pound of flesh we should be ruined, but he isn't going to do it.
Is the suit thus meant to pile pressure onto Pakistan, was it merely something TTC felt it had to do, or does it mean it means to take its pound of flesh, come what may?
'You can have pound of flesh but cannot draw blood'.
Politicians and all those who matter are only busy getting their pound of flesh.
That is the sort of straight-talking language I believe the electorate are yearning to hear from the UK side, as the EU team continue to try to wring every penny and pound of flesh out of Britain, finding fault with any proposal that the Prime Minister puts to them.
The lawmakers have teamed to get their pound of flesh when vetting for the new commissioners begins next week.
"The Premier League is paid a huge amount by TV and at some point you have to pay the price and the pound of flesh is kick-off times and times when you'd rather play at 3pm on a Saturday."
SOME victims of human trafficking in Benin City, the Edo State capital, have vowed to take their pound of flesh from their traffickers who lured them from their parents, with the promise to give them decent jobs in Italy and other parts of Europe.
From the eternal love affair of Romeo and Juliet and Titus Andronicus's blood, guts and gore, to Macbeth's witches and Shylock's pound of flesh, The Play's The Thing explores the imaginative ways in which Shakespeare's stories, settings and characters have been interpreted for the stage.
Yet for his new action film, Pound of Flesh, the Muscles From Brussels didn't find the need to stray too far from the formula.