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You can choose any sum between PS1 and PS10 - just change the number after the pound sign.
On the Finca Corona, I noticed that the "H" key displayed a pound sign (see photo Finca Corona Keys).
The sterling effort - which came in the shape of a pound sign, formed by 327 people - took place at the NECC's (North East Chamber of Commerce) Business Week as part of its 200th anniversary celebrations.
It is just made up of a pound sign (#) typed before any word or statement without spaces.
The way Cowell's expression went from rolling his eyes in disgust when he heard that boy-band Collabro had only been performing together for a month to his trademark pound sign smirk when they turned out to be quite good performing the hymn-like Stars from Les Miserables.
Facebook hashtags 6 a word or phrase precended by what was previously known as the "pound sign" (#)I[paragraph] will function in the same manner that Twitter hashtags do: clicking on one will take you to a page that shows every related and similarly-hashtagged post.
All supporters need to do is text EITC06 followed by a space, pound sign and the amount to 70070.
A caller simply hits the pound sign on their cell phone, followed by the numbers 4-5-2-9, and they will immediately be connected with the lawyer who has licensed #4LAW in their area.
It will start with a pound sign followed by many zeroes.
Put another way, they are choosing the pound sign over the Three Feathers.
New features include standard template surveying, which enables senders to build their own survey flows via the EnvoyXpress API without support from the Envoy World Wide application engineering team; multiple question paths, which allow voice and text question paths to be altered based on the answer to the previous question; offline response, which enables recipients of postal mail, fax, pager or voice mail to use a designated URL or phone number to provide responses to survey questions; numeric capture, which lets recipients enter any series of digits, followed by a pound sign, in response to a question.