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Unwise in dealing with large sums of money or large matters.

[From the phrase penny-wise, pound-foolish.]
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Adj.1.pound-foolish - unwise in dealing with large sums
wasteful - tending to squander and waste
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"We spent over a $100 million on this, so it would be silly to be penny-wise and pound-foolish now to save just a few thousand dollars and make the city's showpiece less efficient and attractive," she said.
The government must not adopt a penny-wise, pound-foolish posture and must have a formalized structure related to lobbying.
I think sometimes we can be penny-wise [and] pound-foolish in these areas."
I think sometimes we can be pennywise [and] pound-foolish in these areas."
The UK government risks being penny-wise and pound-foolish. Sixty billion euros is a lot of money, but should be affordable to the world's fifth largest economy.
Don't be penny-wise, pound-foolish, either, because a cheap or botched repair might work for a time but will come back with a vengeance and much more expense later on.
In fact, when it comes to frightening people, Pennywise wouldn't get a look in with pound-foolish Michael Noonan...
"Trump must refrain from his penny-wise and pound-foolish approach."
What stands in the way of progress is the Republicans' rigid, impractical ideology and plain-old "penny-wise, pound-foolish" cheapness.
But, we need to overcome our penny-wise and pound-foolish behavior and figure out a way to provide a steady flow of dollars to fix our roads and bridges.
"In addition to unfairly penalizing Tricare beneficiaries who prefer to use local pharmacies, NACDS believes that although this proposal may seem pennywise, it is ultimately pound-foolish, "NACDS stated.
This penny-wise, pound-foolish approach needs to be remedied before the council can take the moral high ground on rubbish fines.