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Unwise in dealing with large sums of money or large matters.

[From the phrase penny-wise, pound-foolish.]
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Adj.1.pound-foolish - unwise in dealing with large sums
wasteful - tending to squander and waste
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But, we need to overcome our penny-wise and pound-foolish behavior and figure out a way to provide a steady flow of dollars to fix our roads and bridges.
This penny-wise, pound-foolish approach needs to be remedied before the council can take the moral high ground on rubbish fines.
While I agree the nation faces some tough choices to get our financial house in order, Congress would be penny-wise and pound-foolish to increase the Medicare eligibility age as part of the effort to find a solution.
Who is going to pay for the country's reconstruction - Cameron's penny-wise, pound-foolish government?
Cuts to community services are penny-wise and pound-foolish," he said.
For instance, it seems penny-wise and pound-foolish to have to import the best fixed-wing firefighting aircraft from both eastern and western Canada.
It is important to not be penny-wise, pound-foolish, and look beyond the initial cost of your investment.
While NAMIC shares the administration's goal of reducing the deficit after the immediate financial crisis abates, we submit that making these changes would be like the old saying, "penny-wise, pound-foolish.
The HUD press release notes that Donovan told the Senate subcommittee: "Like many federal domestic agencies, FHA has suffered under the penny-wise and pound-foolish priorities of the previous administration.
By constraining acquisition officers, we're being penny-wise and pound-foolish, because you might save a little on human capital costs, but you're losing a lot in terms of cost overruns and other problems in the procurement budget.
Dubai: Freelance butchers have surfaced once again to offer their services to residents who are penny-wise and pound-foolish and have little or no concern for the health risks that they might inflict on their families and colleagues.
Our collective resistance to investing the necessary time, money, and effort to protect and improve our health gives new meaning to being penny-wise and pound-foolish.