pounds per square inch

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Noun1.pounds per square inch - a unit of pressure
pressure unit - a unit measuring force per unit area
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The instrument increased the pressure incrementally every couple of hours up to 411,000 pounds per square inch, or about 28,000 atmospheres while collecting neutron scattering data between each hike in pressure.
Federal regulations now mandate new showerhead flow rates can't exceed more than 2.5 gallons per minute (gpm) at a water pressure of 80 pounds per square inch (psi).
To illustrate the effect of diameter and pressure, a pin hole of 1/16" dia at a pressure of 15 pounds per square inch will leak at a flow rate of 0.11 mcf/hour.
Curran said that at around 1:40 a construction crew working in the area of Birch and Water streets accidentally ruptured the gas main, which started releasing gas into the atmosphere at a pressure of 80 pounds per square inch. The deputy chief said the construction crews immediately shut down equipment, and said firefighters evacuated 15 homes in the immediate area as a precaution.
All natural gas volumes are reported at a pressure base of 14.73 pounds per square inch absolute (psia) and at 60 degrees Fahrenheit.
The window that I look out actually pushes in towards me under 16,000 pounds per square inch of pressure," he added.
During tests, the blast shield displayed the ability to withstand pressure up to 80 pounds per square inch and an impulse up to 380 pounds per square inch per millisecond.
The Sarqala-1 well initially tested oil at rates of more than 9,000 b/d at a pressure of about 2,400 pounds per square inch. A report by Fekete Associates, an independent Canadian petroleum reservoir engineering company, calculates the Sarqala-1 well's maximum low rate for the Jeribe reservoir to be 11,070 b/d to use an existing tubing.
The well was re-entered and fracture stimulated in August 2011 and was positioned on production at an initial production rate of 5.0 MMCFD gas and 25 barrels of oil per day at a flowing wellhead pressure of 475 pounds per square inch.
PIPE PRESSURE: 360 pounds per square inch in transmission lines.
Macadamia nuts are not sold in their shells because it takes 300 POUNDS per square inch of pressure to break the shell.
It operates pneumatically with 90 pounds per square inch of clean dry air.