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A dish of Québécois origin consisting of French fries topped with cheese curds and gravy.

[Québécois French, cooked pudding, a mess, poutine, probably of French dialectal origin (perhaps influenced by English pudding); perhaps akin to French dialectal (western France) potine, cast iron pot, or French dialectal (Normandy) potin, pâté.]
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(Cookery) Canadian a dish of chipped potatoes topped with curd cheese and a tomato-based sauce
[from Canadian French]
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a French-Canadian dish of French fries and cheese curds topped with gravy or other sauce.
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Vladimir Poutine a mis en garde lundi contre la relance d'une "course aux armements illimitee" apres le retrait de Moscou et Washington du traite de desarmement nucleaire INF, appelant les Etats-Unis a un "dialogue serieux" pour "eviter le chaos".
Lors de l'importante manifestation de dimanche dernier qui avait rassemble a Moscou quelques 20.000 personnes toutes sorties pour denoncer l'invalidation, la veille par le gouvernement, de 57 candidatures aux legislatives du 8 septembre prochain deposees par des allies de l'opposant a Poutine Alexei Navalny, ce dernier avait promis de faire sortir, samedi, pour manifester devant la mairie de Moscou, un plus grand nombre de personnes si le gouvernement n'annule pas cette decision.
One of the many culinary gems to come out of the French part of Canada, poutine is one of the country's most significant dishes.
Green Bean Poutine: Put a Canadian twist on your green bean casserole by adding a few untraditional ingredients to the&nbsp;American side dish.
So when Brewski opened in Chorlton serving Canadian speciality poutine - french fries piled with squeaky cheese curds and drizzled with gravy - it was an instant hit.
Synopsis: In "Poutine On the Orient Express: An Irreverent Look At Travel", Marcel Strigberger (a native of Montreal who is a humorist trapped inside the body of a former litigation lawyer) takes an irreverent look at the many aspects of travel and touring including why people travel, sightseeing and touring including different types of tours, guides and sights, airplane, train and cruise travel, guidebooks, baggage issues, what constitutes a city, crowds (and no crowds), dangers, tipping, toilets, travel insurance, dubious reward points, lodging options, weird and non existent places, borders and customs, restaurants, travel music, touring in ancient times, and a few special places such as England, Paris and Las Vegas and more.
In addition to their lovely-looking hams and sausages, the stall sold various versions of Poutine. Poutine is Quebec's fast food of choice, and I'm surprised it hasn't taken over the world by now.
CThe street food vendor has been serving poutine, a Canadian fast food dish, to people all across the country for over two years.
From Chinese bao buns to the Canadian dish of poutine, this could be the perfect opportunity to try something different.
The last time Thomas saw his mother was on his fifth birthday, when she made him poutine in which she stuck five green candles.