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A polymer used as a vehicle for a drug, especially iodine.

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Kusari also cautions that there is no consensus regarding preprocedure skin sterilization with common products such as Chlorhexidine gluconate 0.5% or povidone iodine, as each can have risks (for example, irritation, thyroid suppression).
Recent evidence shows that use of preoperative topical povidone iodine is the most effective agent used to minimize the chances of endophthalmitis.5 After ocular surgery, topical antibiotics have been the standard of care and this practice has been carried over to intravitreal procedures.
In "group A" chlorhexidine alcohol and in "group B" povidone iodine was used for skin preparation.
The "Claradone Ointment Povidone Lodine" which is produced by Medpharma, is used as a disinfectant.
Patients with any of the following were excluded from the study: hospitalization within past 3 months; a history of antibiotic use within the past 3 months; being in close proximity to other ill patients in the hospital or in their household; allergy to povidone iodine and an infectious indication for surgery.
NaOH-povidone mixture was prepared by mixing equal quantity of both the solutions (50ml of 2.5% NaOH+50ml povidone).
Aims and Objective: To compare the microbiological response and clinical efficacy of superoxidized solution versus povidone iodine in the management of lower limb ulcers.
With normal saline solution, the contents are cleaned and with Povidone iodine swab the inner surface of the skin was cleaned without touching the brain.
This study aims at evaluating the efficacy of Nanosilver dressing versus Povidone iodine dressing in terms of rapidity of healing, early control of infection with appearance of granulation tissue and the overall duration of hospital stay and cost of treatment.