power base

pow′er base`

a source of political power founded esp. on support by an organized body of voters or ethnic minority.
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This exodus of Barelvi groups from TLP's camp is a blow to its power base the same one that takes to the streets.
The three photovoltaic installations have a total power of 2.24mw (2,244.37kw), and would more than double Power Clouds' current installed power base in Italy of 1.7mw at two solar PV parks.
Today it's the shimmering capital of the UAE, a Premier League power base with control of Manchester City, and it attracts 4.4 million visitors a year, including 238,000 from the UK.
Assad's power base is rock solid, and the Russians by their presence guarantee his survival.
NIR BITTON insists Celtic must use their Parkhead power base to push for Champions League glory.
It examines the unification of political bases for support of the radical national formation and state-building models; shaping a popular consciousness for the feasibility of the models and the need for social progress; the establishment of new land distribution patterns based on reconstructed power base potentials of the oNew Stateo; and the export of these models to wider political arenas during the 1933-1934 presidential campaign.
If, as it appears, the die has been cast, our future now is to stand together against the Westminster power base. This is not being offered to us without an ulterior motive.
The local authority needs to regain its leadership role and to support the right to self determination of all our children, without this it is the council itself that is allowing Trojan Horse to have a power base.
But commentators say most of his power base has evaporated and that he will only secure at the most a couple of seats for his All Pakistan Muslim League (APLM) party in the next national assembly at the May 11 election.