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Noun1.power cord - a cord to conduct power to an electrical appliancepower cord - a cord to conduct power to an electrical appliance
electric cord, cord - a light insulated conductor for household use
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The customers will be able to shop the latest range of Plenum Cables, VGA Adapters, AWG Power Cords and Power Cord Splitters from this section.
The recalled item was specifically the AC power cord marked "LS-15" which was distributed with Hewlett-Packard and Compaq notebook and mini notebook computers, as well as with AC adapter-powered accessories such as docking stations.
The power cord families have a patented locking system that needs no change of existing IEC inlets or IEC inlet filters and locks without additional fixture in every standardized EEC inlet.
Patent and Trademark Office describes: "A cauterizing system having a cauterizer tool for performing cauterization procedures, a cauterizer cord for carrying power to the cauterizer tool, a plug and a power cord for carrying power from the plug to the cauterizer cord, and a housing in which is mounted a mechanism for retracting and extending the cauterizer cord and the power cord.
The V-Lock system is an already proven design for safe and reliable power connection, protecting against accidental disconnection of the power cord from the equipment.
To charge, the user places the electronic device directly on the charging mat and power is transferred at a rate comparable to a plug-in power cord.
I opened 9L door to plug the power cord into the aircraft's ground-power receptacle.
have suffered minor burns to their fingers and other parts of their bodies due to overheating of the power cord, sources familiar with the matter said Thursday.
Available in three specialized grades for different AC power cord configurations, the new material meets global environmental regulations and delivers flexibility with a high-quality surface finish, Sabic says.
Also, the projector turns on automatically when the power cord is plugged into an electrical outlet.
Her recent exhibition at Mercer Union featured a single, sprawling installation, Power Cord Series: nexus, 2007, which was composed solely of electrical cords, plastic twist ties, and what looked like old-fashioned price tags.