power down

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power down

(Computer Science) (tr, adverb) to shut down (a computer system) in a methodical way, concluding by switching the power off
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w>power down

vi (engine, turbine)zum Stillstand kommen
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On July 28, the mission's team at the Beijing Aerospace Control Center was preparing to power down Yutu 2 in order to protect the rover from the radiation and high radiation caused by the Sun.
Steyer's launch video focused on 'pushing power down to the people' and blaming corporations for most of the nation's 'intractable' problems.
The automaker is recalling the vehicle due to the sensing diagnostic module that may not power down correctly when the vehicle is shut off, causing it to be inoperative when the vehicle is restarted and unable to detect a crash or command the necessary airbag deployment, increasing the risk of an injury in the event of a crash.
While the 18th Amendment did some good work devolving power down from the centre, the provinces instead of continuing the devolution down to the lower levels clawed back even the powers that a military dictator had given to local governments.
The Irish Authority advises power down from charging devices.
by Staff Reporter People having either an original Galaxy Note7 or replacement Galaxy Note7 device should power down and stop using the device and take advantage of the remedies available.
The LPDDR4 IP solution also saves power by supporting multiple power saving modes such as Self Refresh Power Down, Deep Power Down, thereby extending the battery life of consumer gadgets.
The measures National Grid has put in to balance the system, such as paying moth-balled power plants to be ready to come online and paying factories to be prepared to power down if needed, increase the capacity margin to 5.1%.
The gap between total electricity generating capacity and peak demand would fall to just 1.2% without measures in place such as paying mothballed power plants to be ready to come online and paying factories to be prepared to power down if needed.
BIG firms will be paid to power down for up to 15 hours to prevent winter blackouts.
But there may be times when you have to manually power down the system using the operator control unit (OCU) computer.

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