power failure

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Noun1.power failure - equipment failure resulting when the supply of power fails; "the ice storm caused a power outage"
equipment failure, breakdown - a cessation of normal operation; "there was a power breakdown"
blackout - the failure of electric power for a general region
flame-out - the failure of a jet engine caused by an interruption of the fuel supply or by faulty combustion
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On Monday, power failures caused the MRT-3 to start operations nearly two hours late and limit trips to only part of the rail line.
Mendoza, noting Ginebra scored 19 points against only one by Meralco, could not find an apt term for the Meralco meltdown-whether it was an accident or a power failure.
Referring to difficulties faced by the masses due to frequent power failures, they explained some of the key reason behind the abrupt upsurge in power failure which included curtailment of supply from national grid and heavy humidity which is being addressed by replacing the existing lines with new ones.
html) The company said in a press release that a very small number of Karma owners have reported incidents of power failure while being used.
three of the top considerations in a total power failure are: 1) immediately pitch and configure for best glide, 2) head towards a suitable spot within gliding distance for "landing," and 3) time permitting, try to figure out and fix what when wrong.
Therefore, the impression given in the news item that technical fault at Mangla last night caused sudden power failure is not correct.
31,500 only, It has a washing capacity of 8 kg, with attractive features like; magic wash cube, eco friendly, multi wash programs, digital control panel, power failure memory, magic wash pulsator, stream pro drum, one touch wash function, fuzzy logic, child lock.
Anura Wijepala, chairman of the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB), told Xinhua that the exact reason of Sunday's power failure could not be identified and engineers were working to restore the power.
function to efficiently monitor the health conditions of the cards, power failure protection to timely protect cards from damage in the event of abrupt power failure, and wear-leveling algorithm to select the block with the lowest erase count for the next write.
The store remained closed for the entire day's trading on Saturday as engineers investigated the cause of the power failure.
Vandana Marwaha, principal of Delhi Private School, said all students were sent home as soon as power failure hit her school at around 9am.
The power failure, which started in mid-afternoon, affected a satellite building and the track transit which takes passengers to the satellite for boarding.